The Law of Attraction and Your Home

Mantras for Your Home

Did you know that the Law of Attraction also applies to your home? Today we are aware of the power of that law to draw to us more of whatever energy we are carrying within our aura…whether we want it or not. Even when we radiate happiness, we might be unconsciously grieving for a lost family member, drawing to us more sadness. This is why it is so important to process these emotional reactions to the traumas in our life so we can stop attracting what can block us.

This same magnetism applies to the other dimensions of our home. If your aging mother lived in your house while she was dying of cancer, that energy of sickness and depression could still be congesting if you did not purify your spaces after she died.

Mantras are defined as a device that liberates the mind. There is nothing that I have seen with my psychic abilities that can cause such a dramatic change in the state of your energy system than a properly worded mantra. I can actually “see” the mind transforming while people are doing them. When listeners call into my radio show, I know if they do mantras on a regular basis because of how “clean” their auras look.

Many people use the Intention mantra as a type of prayer when they want something, but did you know there are also mantras to improve your health, align you spiritually, erase emotional wounds, protect you against evil spirits, transform your relationships and even purify your home? Yes, a good “point-specific” mantra will do wonders to process the negative energy stuck inside your spaces.

Lets say your husband’s family is visiting for two weeks from Colombia. Your mother-in-law is depressed because she never really recuperated from her daughter’s nasty divorce. Your father-in-law has never slept well, nor did he while in your home. So expect that guest bedroom to fill with the energy of depression and insomnia.

I suggest you sit in the room and do the following mantra to decongest these energies: “Please God help my with my intention to purify this room.”

This will assure that your next guest (or your family) will not take into their own aura those thoughts and emotions.

The words of the mantra are repeated in silence and with rhythmic breath. Do it 25 times for several days. You may also need to bring in fresh flowers and intend that the flowers absorb the energies your guests left behind.