The relationship between the heart chakra, food and overweight

Do you remember that Jesus and the Buddha came to teach us to have our eye of consciousness in our heart chakra? Did you know that the path of the heart is the path of peace and well-being? Yes, I suspect you know that.  But do you know the reason the heart chakra is so important?

The heart energy center, called the heart chakra, is about the relationship between things or people. It is about the relationship between something, an object or an action, or the relationship between people. It is not about the facts of an object, an event or a person. It is about how that object, action, or person stands in relationship to other things.

The difference between facts and relationships is monumental. Intelligence of the head is intelligence about facts. It is learned. Intelligence of the heart is intuited, not learned, and that intelligence is considered by the masters, through the centuries, to be the intelligence that we should all honor.

Unseen factors in food issues

Recently I was asked to look into invisible factors having to do with food issues. I was amazed at what I found, as I have issues with food. I am one of those unfortunate that is heavier than my calorie intake. And, according to the doctors, my thyroid is just fine, thank you.

When I checked, through my psychic abilities, as the why of the overweight of a certain person, I found that person hated the food that he ate. He also weighed more than he should, according to the number of calories he ingested. He hated his food and his food did not want to be inside of him! His food did not want to be eaten by someone that hated it!

How can that be? Now we are supposed to believe that our food has thoughts and opinions and likes and dislikes? The easiest way to explain this, to people who cannot “see” what I see, is that if our bodies are capable of developing autoimmune diseases, then why is it hard to believe that food could not do the same?

Too many of us are not at peace with the food we eat. Too many of us hate our food as we eat it. And this hatred or dislike is killing our relationship with food. We put inside our bodies something that we hate. And that something apparently also has “feelings” and those feelings add to the problem.

Autoimmune diseases are illnesses describing a condition in which our own body is destroying and sabotaging its own body. It is a type of self-hatred, so we are into self-sabotage.  Apparently, when we eat and we are not “supposed” to eat that food, that much, that day or that way, our energy system developes a type of self sabotage that includes the actual food and its energy.


au·to·im·mune (ôt–myn)


Of or relating to an immune response by the body against one of its own tissues, cells, or molecules.

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