Wako Texas Aura

June 18, 2006

Humans have auras but the planet has an aura also. Cities have auras as do countries. Organizations have auras, as do families.

Wako Texas

Wako Texas has a broken aura over the northeast section of the city due to the Waco tragedy years ago. A group of fanatics, it would appear, holed themselves up in a compound. The government decided they needed to take over the compound and “save” the people held hostage. The developments included fear, violence and trauma at such a level that the section of the city that the tragedy occurred in sustained damage to its aura. A consequence is that people living in that section of the city, if their individual aura is broken, receive the energies of depression and lethargy or lack of vitality.

If you happen to live in a part of the nation or the world that has had a tragedy such as Wako Texas, it would be especially important to work on your aura so as not to be affected by these energies. It would be wise to pay close attention to the aura of the children born and raised in this area since the tragedy.

In addition to the Aura Purification Kit for purifying your aura, we recommend the Crystal Singing Bowls to clear your aura and the aura of your spaces. Because the energies of depression and lethargy are transference from the tragedy in the area, this additional tool that works on the spirits of the land is very helpful to engage a higher level of assistance. When using the bowl, please remember to ask for help from the serpent spirits of the land your property is on.

Transference of Energy

We think that our emotional and spiritual dilemmas are ours. We think that the thoughts in our minds are ours. We think that  the emotions we feel are ours. And when we feel bad, we think that the feeling bad is internally generated and a result of something negative in our life. But perhaps we  come to this conclusion because we are not aware that energy can transfer. And this energy can be emotions and/or thoughts.

I took care of a client who wanted to know why he was feeling so depressed and down.  When I checked, I asked if he lived on a busy street. I saw that the aura of his home was broken due to noise and movement. He said he lived on a corner of a very busy intersection.  I suggested that he move, if that was possible. When a house has its aura broken due to traffic, it is very difficult to correct the issue.

I continued to “read”, to see if there were other issues. I asked if he lived in a town or city where there had been a tragedy, a war, in the northwest section of town/city. He said yes, he lived in Waco, Texas and the tragedy had happened in the section of town I  identified.  I could see a black and grey cloud over that part of the city, and I knew it was a major part of the person’s depression and lack of vitality.

The client lived in a house with a broken aura, which meant the people living in the house had little protection, and the energy of the neighborhood was very negative due to the tragedy.

We Recommend

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