Suicide: Want To Clear Your "Desire To Die"?

Mantras Can Purify A Desire To Die

February 18, 2001

Tonight I worked over the phone with a client who was depressed. Using my psychic abilities to diagnose, I found that she was angry at the world, angry at everything and everyone. She was extremely tired and depressed, and had spent the day in bed. Her business was in an unexplained slowdown, and she felt nothing was working in her life. Outwardly, other than the business slowdown, everything “appeared” to be okay.

I found that she was angry at having to pay attention at work, angry with her boyfriend, and angry with her mother. During our conversation, she received another call she needed to take. I took the opportunity, while I was waiting for her to call back, to do the Purification Mantra, which is a deprogramming through breath mantra, but surrogate. In other words, I was doing the mantra breathing and the releasing for her. I was working on her hatred and anger at everyone and everything with these mantra words:

“Even though I hate everyone and everything, I love and accept myself.”

As I breathed the mantra words, she appeared to me in spirit form and said “All I want to do is die. Please work at that.” It is always frightening when you find out that someone just wants to die. I suspect that she had felt like that for a long time and had lost touch with those feelings and thoughts. I continued to work the mantras surrogate, in other words, for her, but I changed the words to what she was feeling:

“Even though I want to die, I love and accept myself”

I did the mantra for her for approximately five minutes, non-stop. (You can do this also when a friend or loved one is feeling bad and cannot help himself/herself)

The client called back. Her voice was different. I asked her how she felt. Her response? “Oh, I feel a lot better.” I suspect she thought it was due to the phone call she had received. When I said to her what I had found (I did not tell her “she” had given me this extra information via a telepathic conversatio) and asked if she was in touch with wanting to die, and she denied it. SoI asked her again “How do you feel?” She said “Well actually I feel just fine now, and I did not feel fine when we started the phone conversation.” I did not let her know I had done surrogate mantras as she was not in the mood to acknowledge how she really felt at the beginning of the conversation. In this part of the world emotional dishonesty is a highly regarded habit.

A fragment of her mothers’ aura with a spirit attached had attached to her….years ago

It was what would happen next that was the most fascinating. I continued the mantra with her, we both repeated the words, silently with rhythmic breath. Within minutes I ”saw”, a spirit form detaching from her. I realized that her wanting to die was a fragment, an attachment, a piece of the aura of her mother! Her mother had apparently, at some point in her life, wanted to die and had fragmented and that fragment with those thoughts and emotions attached to her daughter. Attached to the fragment was a spirit. This depressed woman was dealing with not only a fragment from her mother, (a piece of the mother’s astral body with the emotion of “I want to die”) but also a spirit attachment!

I decided to follow the “fragment” of the mother’s aura with its attachment and found that it returned to the mother! Yes, the other dimensions are super interesting and super busy with incredible activities that affect not only your moods but also your bank account!

The fragment did not attach to the mother; it sort of “hung out” close by. I continued the mantra “Even though I want to die, I love and accept myself.” Slowly, the fragment, initially totally black with depression, started to clear! I could see white underneath even though the spirit was still there. As the clearing progressed, the spirit got closer to the mother. I did not want the reunification of the fragment with the mother until the spirit was cleared. The spirit left while I continued to repeat the words of the mantra: “Even though I want to die, I love and accept myself.”

When the spirit released from the fragment, the aura fragment reunited with the mother. The colors were orange and yellow and gold, the colors of the astral/emotional body, when they are in a good place. It was an incredible healing and I am very grateful that I was able to witness it.

We Recommend

There are other ways to release spirits called spirit release therapy. Shamans also release spirit attachment. We highly recommend any type of spirit release therapy done by a responsible therapist or shaman.