It Is Not Stress, It Is Radiation That Is Making You Sick!

There is a change in what is making people stressed and then sick. What our doctors were taught in medical school did not  cover a relatively new influence that is making us sick today. Above is a sketch I did 14 years ago of a typical female who was not ill but very emotionally congested. The red you see is repressed rage invading her organs.

Above is another sketch of another “typical” female in 1997 with no major disease….

All the congestions you are seeing  are  the basis for disease in the future, if they are  not purified from the energy bodies. The energy body that holds these congestions is the astral/emotional energy body. It is the energy body that floats above the physical body in a near death experience…

Below is “typical” of the people I sketch today in 2011, very different from 1997….

The black  scratches  in the aura of the female is the static she is carrying from electrical transformers in her back yard, wireless routers in her home, cell phone radiation, etc. She is also congested with rage, particularly in her liver.

Click here for a chart comparing 1997 and 2011 sketches.  In 1997 I sketched  33 women,  and not a single one had electromagentic static.  In the middle of the chart you see 3  children I sketched this year, 2011,  including a 12 year old female with a literal “hole” in her hip which, not coincidentally, is where she holds her cell phone in the  pocket of her jeans.

This is how a child’s electric body looks today, damaged by cell phone use:

Going back to the chart of bodies, the center female is 9 years old and  has looked like this since birth due to the placement of her physical body near large electronic devices.  The last  young lady sketched lives next to an electrical plant and her energy bodies are literally being “erased” by electromagnetic radiations.

The 50 year old male on the last line has a hole in his aura, several dimensions deep, where he holds his cell phone.

Fourteen years ago not one of  the 33 typical, healthy people  had any trace of electromagnetic static in their auras/energy bodies. Today, of all the people I have sketched, only one was not full of electrical static,  an adult male who is retired and  spends  his day  working in the yard.

Kids today, March 2011

The  really bad  news is that  this week I was watching a karate class  of kids ranging  from ages 3 to 9. Every single one of them had that black spiraling around the right side of their heads. I am not sure yet what that is, but I can guarantee it is not good.

Environmental Medicine Today

I concluded a couple of years ago that environmental medicine would be more important than internal medicine in the future. Well, the future is now….Does your doctor know that? Does he know your “conveniences” are capable of killing your mind and also your body? Al Gore was right in more ways than he  knew, our conveniences are not only killing Mother Earth but also killing us.

The evidence is mounting…at least in the other dimensions.

How do you think you look?

March 10, 2011