Wind Speaks

Listen to the Wind

The Wind  Element speaks to Frances

I am the wind. I am the element that moves the most. I can clean up issues in a minute with thunderstorms, wind, hail and hurricanes. Tornadoes can also help to clear the air.

I come to help, to sweep away bad energy and to tidy up after humans have messed up a bit. I come periodically or I can come unexpectedly.

We are here, I say we because wind has brothers who work together or alone. Wind is what causes those rogue waves in the ocean. That wind acts alone. Wind that creates hurricanes work together as brothers. Wind is a male element just as water is female.

Can humans actively use wind to help themselves or their community?

We can be called in to sweep away bad feelings or bad energy left behind after a fight, a battle. Wind can be called in to push away the enemy or to move aside an intruder.

Wind can be used in many ways to move something that has stagnated. The tornadoes in the middle of the country are to move stagnated energies.

You will notice that the states that get the most tornadoes do not have the benefit of the movement of water like land that borders the sea, the ocean. Those places tend to have stagnated energies and tornadoes come to break up the stagnation.

In countries where there is stagnation of emotions or people, there will be more wind in the future. The wind will have the intention to create movement so that life can continue to flourish. Always remember, life is movement, even if it is movement towards death. Something that does not move is already in the death process. When a person, a group or a nation stop moving forward, the death process of their core life begins.