You Need A Strong Aura Today

A strong aura today

October 26, 2009

A strong aura is crucial at this time in written human history. A strong aura can ensure that your intentions are not invaded nor blocked. A strong aura means that you can flourish even if all around your world is collapsing. A strong aura means that your mate’s legitimate depression will not transfer over to you, pulling you into the same black hole. A strong aura means that the bankruptcy of the office next door will not invade your mind, the pessimism of your boss will not wash over you and the depression of your aging parents will not overwhelm you.

This entire website is about unseen factors and how they can influence you, changing your destiny. As there appears to be a dramatic diminishing of the strength of auras today, it is even more important to ensure our spaces are uplifting and protective, not depressing and debilitating. Our collection of products does just that.

What do your auras look like today, versus two years ago?

I decided to do my aura sketching again, to see what is going on in your lives.

The results of the aura sketches indicate this:

  1. Our children have lost their natural protective systems due to too many sonograms when they were in uteri and excess exposure to the microwave from cell phones, electronic games, their parents cell phones, microwave routers, etc.
  2. Most of the children I see have black congestions around the hand they hold cell phones or games in. Those congestions are deteriorating their DNA but more immediate, their ability to have an intact aura that protects their hands against accidents.
  3. All the children have very deteriorated throat and high heart chakras. The most immediate issue may be the subsequent deterioration of their thymus that has been known throughout history to be the center of the human immune system. Perhaps that is why the kids are the ones dying this flu season. The fact that science does not understand why the children would be dying is a strong indicator that the cause of the deaths is a new factor to medicine, until now an unseen factor.
  4. The children I sketched have too much access to other dimensions where spirits are and other bad “stuff”. There are natural energetic walls in between dimensions but these have been destroyed due to electromagnetic frequencies particularly microwave, from all our wireless devices.
  5. The children’s aura are so weak that their parents, particularly mother’s loving attention is now an invading, piercing puncture wound to the child’s system. Parents loving attention becomes what is called in Spanish a “mal de ojo”. That means a type of curse without a ritual, but simply a piercing attention towards someone that “curses” the person. The parents are not trying to curse their children, but in transferring their energy “into” their child’s aura they are cursing their children with their problems. And we know how many problems people have today…
  6. Bottom line, adults also have weaker auric protection due to electronics, microwave, etc. allowing the penetration and entry of energies that would normally be stopped by a strong aura. The adults are much more invaded, particularly by people that pay attention to them, such as a committed spouse. That attention now penetrates the aura of the person who is being paid attention to.  The aura of the person is being pierced by the attention, allowing a funneling of the energy of the other person. That energy is usually depression. If this continues we will all become massively depressed very, very soon.

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