Your Left Arm (Receiving Arm) and The Golden Age

Your Left Arm and the Golden Age

Your left arm is your “receiving” arm

Frances: Dear dolphins what do we need to know now about how to protect ourselves from these Apocalyptic energies? It seems so many people are cursing others? Is it mainly anger or is it actual rituals with the intention to harm? And what about the catastrophes? What do we need to know now?

It has been a long time since you asked so directly. You are afraid you have been crying wolf and now that things are so quiet that you will look bad We understand but you gave what you had which was accurate.But now it is time to cross the line and fully embrace the energies of the Golden Age and when you do that, others will follow.

Frances: How do I do that?

Hold your left hand up in the air. Where does the arm or hand hurt? Wherever it hurts, that is the spot you need to work on. You can use the Castor Oil pack or flower essences or lean that spot up against a tree.

Frances: Why the left arm?

The upper left quadrant of your body/aura is where the Golden Age energies enter Planet Earth. It is there that the magic can be found. Yet many are blocked there.

Frances: In my case there is a large ET monster!

Correct but you found it and you are working on it and finding that joy is a very important part of life on Planet Earth, without it life is not worth living and the alien invasions are a natural result.

Note from Frances: The only thing that helped moved the ET spirit from that room that corresponds to my left arm, was the  Coconut Spray! These new invading spirits do not like the vibration of joy! I understand that in Judaism it is known the devil does not like happy people or happiness….

Frances: What is the left arm issue?

Planet Earth was entered into via the air element, not earth or fire or water. We entered via the sky/air. And we will exit via the air element. That element is contained in each individual in the upper left hand quadrant. So that is the importance of that part of the body and also part of the mind.

Frances: Give me tips on how to keep the air quadrant healthy so we can receive these golden Age energies.

Here it is:

  • Watercress
  • Apples
  • Oranges
  • Grapes
  • Violets
  • Orchids
  • Having the sun hit the left shoulder
  • Left rotator cusp exercised
  • The color blue with a little violet, light indigo blue

Note from Frances-your left arm is your receiving arm. If it has a problem then you have a problem in “receiving”. The outside of the arms are controlled by the throat chakra. In this article you will see many reasons to   protect your throat chakra today, in addition to possibly protection your ability to receive

The inside of your arms are controlled by the heart chakra…