Your Mind Creates Your Life

Total Chaos?

You did not pay attention, you did not believe it would happen, you fell asleep or preferred not to notice that “life” was taking a turn for the worse. You thought you would only live it by watching it in the news but now you know different.

It is not a time to go out and buy a gun; it is a time to create the different reality that all prophets spoke about, a reality that is separate from those who have slid into total chaos. How do you do that?

The mind has always been an issue on Planet Earth. It is easily swayed, it tends towards repetitive thoughts that are negative; it is easily invaded by wandering spirits and it has such large holes in it that it is a wonder that any intention is accomplished!

Yet there is hope for those who instinctively know that they do not have to follow the path of chaos and violence. There are those who are prepared . Are you ready?