Feeling "crazy"? Maybe this is the unseen factor…

Click on the link below  and let us know if you are sleeping on the wall with a Digital Meter and if your life has deteriorated since..

REMOVAL OF DIGITAL METER IS POSSIBLE IF YOU ARE WILLING TO PAY A FEW DOLLARS A MONTH: Good news! You can call FPL to remove the digital meter and return your old analogue. You pay a fee and a few dollars a month to get your sanity back!

Be your own scientist, observe and draw conclusions…But also read this document on what the radiation is doing to other people! radiation medical conditions
The black cloud is a miasm which is a congestion of depression, bad thoughts and spirits, and if your head is in a miasm all you do is recycle those bad thoughts and depression all day long. The people with this issue have a hard time locking eyes with others…..
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A single Smart Meter on a nearest neighbor’s home can produce RF exposure levels that caused the biological effects found in many of the 67 studies. A given home may have one to eight nearest neighbors, each with a Smart Meter, multiplying the total exposure in the given home.