Feeling Sexy… Could it be the Coconut?

Beware of the energy of Coconut. It will take you by surprise…  

The scent of coconut will always remind us of carefree times. It brings fun, joy and play into the spaces. And,

more importantly, it is a natural aphrodisiac that creates a vibration that is compatible with prosperity! 

There is so much bad energy associated with the act of sex —memories of old partners, times were you were unable

to climax, times when you were unable to get an erection, fear of getting a disease or simply of getting

pregnant, discomfort because you are not totally comfortable with your body, etc.  

Using anything that clears spaces, adds a good vibration or adds fun should be a part of your regular routine:

Frances Fox Coconut Aromatherapy is an efficient purifier and energizer, pushing away bad energy and

adding fun and careful feeling, both a great combination for sex!  

Spray Frances Fox Coconut Aromatherapy and you will find yourself being silly and seeing how silly your everyday worries are. Spray it if you wish to detach from the mundane and the boring repetition of daily life. Spray it if you do not mind being irresponsible with your joy, spreading it across the Planet. Spray it on your children if you do not want them to carry your miseries. Spray it if your life is ho-hum and drab. And do not be surprised at the changes you make if you really incorporate Frances Fox Coconut Spray into your life!  

Spirits do not like Coconut!

As an added plus, spirits and bad energy do not like the vibration of coconut. This divine fruit has been used for centuries to protect from “evil” spirits and bad energy.
Frances Fox Coconut Spray should be sprayed in the center of all rooms and closets, and don’t forget the center of your bed! It can also be sprayed around your body. It can be used several times a day.