Telepathic Interview with

Dolphins about 2012

March 3, 2009

It is the gap between full intentions and desires and wishes that created such havoc for human beings.

This new reaction of wonder as to “how could I not have seen that, or been aware of that”, is a gift that human beings are receiving at this point in written human history.


Many understand, at an intuitive level what 2012 is about but they do not know how to apply it to their individual lives. It is true that 2012 is about a vibration shift but it is also about leaving behind patterns and responsibilities on the physical dimension. The planet you live on is a planet full of desires and wishes and not so full of clear intentions.

It is the gap between full intentions and desires and wishes that created such havoc for human beings.

Full intentions are about living what you intend, without being sidetracked with traumas and memories and emotional reactions. Desires and wishes are minor and temporary needs of a human being to be comfortable in a space of time, but do not fulfill the baseline needs of the person.

Humans fully intend on the causal dimension but live too often on the emotional mental and physical dimensions. Too much of their consciousness is on the emotional and mental planes where desires and wishes are. Humans do not have enough consciousness on the causal, intentional plane/dimension.

Intentional dimension

The intentional dimension is a state of mind. Few humans actually live their knowledge of past lives and future lives and that is the real issue. If those of you that believe in past lives actually incorporated that knowledge into your daily life, then you would be living on or connected to the causal dimension where true intentions are.

Past lives

For example, if you remember that your boss was your brother in a previous lifetime, you would be more flexible when your boss is difficult. If you remembered your ex husband or wife was your mother in a previous lifetime, then you would be more loving and caring, even in tough times such as divorce. If you remembered that your child was your mate in a previous lifetime, you would respect their opinions and guidance more. If you incorporate past life connections into this lifetime daily relations, the results would be astounding.

Human memory, or the lack of it, is a curse to human development.

If a human being could remember what the results were when they drink, or beat their children, they would not do it. If humans could remember what their intentions are, they would not choose to block them. It is the issues of memory that hurts humans in their quest for happiness and evolution.

Loss of memory

The memory issue is improving in that people are noticing that they cannot remember from one minute to the next. And they are also noticing that they did not remember that their father beat them when they were young, or that they themselves misbehaved in the past.  These memory lapses create a type of dissonance within the mind of the person. Because the personal history of a human being is such a strong component of their personality (versus their soul or spirit) when the person does not remember, it creates a distortion of the personality.

Humans are now remembering these lapses and integrating them into their minds. They are changing how they feel about themselves and others due to this new, expanded information. This new reaction of wonder as to “how could I not have seen that, or been aware of that”, is a gift that human beings are receiving at this point in written human history.

Those who react to this information and integrate it are readily accepting an expanded vision of themselves. It will be easy for them to more fully incorporate their past life relationships into their daily routine. Those who chose to remain asleep, due to drugs, drink, or just plain control, will suffer much in this transition.

When memory is allowed to flow, as it should, then the energy bodies flow and consciousness is allowed to dwell longer in the causal/intentional planes. It is there that your true intentions lie. When you are there often enough, then your wishes and desires appear more frivolous and temporary and take their proper place in your life, which is as fleeting thoughts versus (?) grasping behavior.

“Sticky” memory

Memory has a quality that is sticky if it is allowed to sit, as in being stuck in a compartment. This stickiness called odic force is an actual force that glues things together. The problem with that is that “flow” is health and “stuck” is lack of health, in all dimensions.

  • Odic force is a material that is used to trap humans. In curses it appears as a web like structure. In the human mind it appears as notches on a branch, an indentation. In that case something that should be smooth is not smooth and information flows in an erratic way.
  • Odic force can be accumulated in the physical dimension where it is identified as cellulite, fat and water retention.
  • Odic force on the etheric dimension looks like Alzheimer’s, fuzziness
  • Odic force on the astral dimensions looks like emotional congestions.
  • Odic force on the mental dimension looks like emotional blocks.
  • Odic force does not accumulate on the causal/intentional dimension.

Odic force being transferred to Planet Earth

Why are we talking about this? Because odic force is movable and can be transferred. It is now being moved to earth and transferred to humans via messengers called black angels. These black angels appear as good people who “remind” us that we need to remember to be good, versus being real. They make us feel bad about being “bad”.

Being good is not good. Being real is what you should seek to be. Being real means that your behavior is compatible with your insides, your wishes, desires.

Darth Vader needed to look good and when he could no longer cover his desire to not lose his wife, he left the light and moved into the darkness. If he had accepted his desires and stayed in the light, he would have been healed and not been lost in the dark.

It is in the hiding of our desires and wishes that we never “hooked up” with our true intentions. If we no longer hide our desires and wishes, the discrepancy between them and what we truly intend becomes obvious and manifests immediately.

Emotional Honesty…..


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