Hand Strength and Aging

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That’s right. Hypertensive people in a small study slashed their systolic blood pressure by 15 points after doing handgrip exercises for just 8 weeks.
Behind the Strength
Researchers don’t yet understand exactly how hand exercises help blood pressure. More research is needed before they could be considered a legitimate part of blood-pressure-lowering therapies.
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One of the most important? People with strong hands tend to be more able-bodied later in life.
3 Handy Exercises
Get a grip! Here are three simple hand exercises to choose from.
1. Squeeze a tennis ball. Try two or three sets of 10 squeezes per hand every other day.

  1. After reading them, roll each page of your newspaper into the smallest ball possible. (Then recycle, of course!)
  2. For more advanced fitness fiends, try doing a few fingertip push-ups.