Feng Shui “Helpful friends” section of your home under attack

Friendship Mantrabagua Plus Purification of that Area a Must Today

May 30, 2014


Two and half weeks ago, around the 12th of May, the “helpful friends” section of our homes was attacked and energetic implants were placed there.

 Note: The “helpful friends” section of your home in the Bagua, is to the extreme right when you enter your home, through whatever door you use as an entrance, whether it is the door to the garage or the front door. People who sleep in this area will be especially susceptible not only to issues with friends but issues with fear and anxiety.

 We are into the Age of Aquarius and the Golden Age both of which bring more energies of community and brotherhood. But as the Mayans hinted at, there are dark forces that wish to block our anchoring  the Golden Age on Planet Earth.

 What better way than to create distrust of our friends? If the energy in that part of our home does not flow, then we do not flow with the energies of having helpful friends and of being a helpful friend.

 That corner of my home had such bad energies when I completed the last “fire” purification that I was astounded. I could not figure out what had “happened” in my life that would have messed up the energies of that corner. I did not realize till today that the energies of that corner (my kitchen) are what is messed up and will mess up my friendships unless I clear the implanted energies. This is what has deteriorated in that corner in the last two week:

¨     Two bromeliads dried up, very unusual as they can last indefinitely

¨     The kitchen counter in that corner “broke”, which has never happened

¨     The garden outside that corner is desolate, not a single plant left living     

Friendship Mantra

We suggest this mantra to help offset those energies as it is an issue in EVERYONE’S HOME AND OFFICE. It could also have affected your car, front left…..

Please God help us with our intention to have and be a good friend.

 Please get back to us on what you find “deteriorated” in that part of your home or office and please pass this information along, as it may explain also the bad behavior of the people who sleep in this section of your home or work in this section of your office.

 PS if you work with a Feng Shui expert who works with a compass and/or astrology, they can tell you with their precise science, where your helpful friends section islocated.