Quote of the week

El futuro es elástico y plástico.

– Frances Fox

This Week:   Horoscope June 25 to July 2, 2018

How excess fire element plays out in humans

The Planets are in distress and cannot give you the support you need to get through the next 16 days till July 12, when there will be some relief. The excess fire element fuels this behavior in humans:

Emotional violence,
Physical violence

All these emotions/moods will be obvious at the level of families, friends, allies, associates, co-workers, etc. This excess fire element will play out in your life unless you do something to balance the elements in your home and in your assemblage of bodies (physical, astral, etheric etc.) This is a short list of what you can expect unless you become proactive in balancing the elements in your life:

Angry friends who may drop you or harm you
Angry clients who may harm your reputation or your business
Angry children who may act out, bullying, falling into a deep depression or want to die or committing suicide
Angry mate who may accuse you, hate you, threaten you, do bodily harm if that is something they have done before, or leave you
Angry politicians who will act out their anger and lose their perspective on issues
Angry allies who may turn on your country
Angry president who may act  in vindictive ways and harm the country

The best mantra

The all time best mantra today is the “hate” mantra. It literally eats up and processes a lot of the excess fire in your aura and immediate environment. Repeating this mantra in silence dozens of times a day will make a huge difference in your vibe and that vibe can help stabilize your relationships.

This the mantra you should repeat in silence dozens of times a day:

Even though I am angry
I love and accept myself.

But honestly, the best mantra would be these words:

Even though I hate
I love and accept myself.

Remember, you will not only be reducing your fire, you will also reduce the fire of those closest to you or relating to you.


In your physical environment we recommend coconuts to reduce fire, Cannabis to reduce fire, a photograph of a watermelon to reduce fire, Aloe Vera plants which reduce fire, artwork with scenes at the beach, waterfront, waterfalls etc, because water reduces the fire element….

We recommend natural settings for your social interactions, and vacations need to be limited to the beach, the mountains, forests, any natural setting becasue it will reduce the fire and also heal what is already too heated up.

Nature can do it for us

When humans cannot manage to balance the elements in their environments, the elements have a way of helping to achieve that balance through: hurricanes, tsunamis, flooding and earthquakes.

Nature can do it for us but is that what we really want? Be proactive and enlist others to do the same. It will make a difference.

Be creative and maybe you will make it through the next 16 says  unscathed.


Why don’t you give up that habit of judging everyone and pay attention to what you are doing or not doing to resolve the issues. It will help everyone if you participate in solving the problems, not just discussing them.


There is sufficient evidence that someone has not been loyal to you so what are you going to do about it? Pretending it did not happen will not work anymore. Be real and make decisions based on this knowledge, rather than sweeping it under the rug.


Why now? Why are you now trying to get out of what you agreed to do? A reversal of your behavior is not indicated or you may lose a valuable relationship.


Whoopi! It has all come together in your favor. Thank those who helped and be grateful


Why wait till later or till someone gives you permission? You know what you want to do and you need to do it or you will repent bitterly in the future. Pick up the phone, don’t text, and get it done.


Now would be a good time to go back and start correcting the issues that you now recognize were your fault. Now.


Being unhappy is not an option as it has been too long and the unhappiness has been too deep. Do something, anything as the rest of your life is being destroyed along with your faith that you can have a good life.


Don’t keep hesitating, do it now and allow it to all unfold. You will be pleased at the results.


The wrong turn at this point in your life will take you far far away from your goals. So pay attention and consider why you are making a decision to ensure it is the right one that supports your long-term intentions.


Now you are sorry you did not speak up sooner but it is not too late. You are supposed to support those who hold your same intentions, not knock them down or say they are crazy. The issue is that you hide behind a façade of authority and archaic choices that are holding you back. It is time for a huge change in your life.


Don’t just watch the destruction; point it out every step of the way. Your words may make a huge difference in how all of this will play out.


Make your move or it will be made for you. Enough said.