Quote of the week

If you are possessed by a spirit, it is their astrology that will apply to your life, not your birth date astrology.

But even more terrifying, it is their intentions that will determine your life. Want to get a grip on your life during the apocalypse?

Get a grip on your assemblage of bodies. Stay tuned, each week we will give you more info on you!

This Week:   Horoscopes April 8-14

The battle to take over your assemblage of bodies is happening now!

All humans have this complete Assemblage of Bodies


It is a time of extreme light and dark on the planet. If you allow the darkness to drown you, your spirit will leave (disassociate) and another spirit will take over your assemblage of bodies shown above. That is called spirit possession and has always been an issue on the planet but never like today. Note: Your spirit is the gold colored  body in the graphic above. It is also called your astral/emotional body.

Today, instead of thousands being possessed by robotic, evil spirits, millions are being taken over by highly intelligent, focused spirits who are not robotic but very savvy about how to hide their presence inside your body from your family and friends.


Stop disassociating!

How do you keep your spirit securely inside your assemblage of bodies ,other than astral travel at night? You stop disassociating! What does that mean to you? It means you stop doing anything “mindlessly”. When you have a compulsion you are mindless, when you work at a job you hate, chances you are working mindlessly, when you have pain but you dull it with meds, you are probably disassociating with the help of those meds….

Unfortunately there is a new factor that takes you out of your assemblage of bodies and that is a type of frequency that you think you need desperately: microwave. Microwave is the frequency that powers all your wireless gadgets but it has a side effect that science is unwilling to look at: it affects your entire assemblage of bodies!!!!


Your wireless gadgets and possession/evil

The Lords’ Prayer talks about evil and you think it says we should ask God to protect you from evil. That is a mistake because the Lords’ Prayer we were all taught has profound translation issues. Compare the version we all learned to what the translation is from the original language, Aramaic:

…but deliver us from evil.

 when translated directly from Aramaic says:

…Yet free us from not being in the present.

Not being in the present is being in the past or future, By definition it means you are disassociated from the here and now. That means your spirit is outside of your assemblage.


New Bulletin that science is not willing or able to share with you

Wi Fi and 5G disassociate your spirit from your assemblage of bodies, leaving an empty space. It is up to you to figure out what your spirit is doing while you are “mindless”. You need to figure out and things that you find so enjoyable that you are actually mentally and spiritually “present” If not, you or your kids or mate will disassociate and become a victim of possession by a really evil spirit.

This is not a joke. Your cell phone and the heat it radiates was talked about in the Bible. The reference  shows the connection between your cell phone (wireless gadgets, Wi Fi, etc) and evil. Read below:

“Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils; speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron”. (I Timothy 4:1-2).


Don’t blame others for your faults. You shut your mouth, watch the destruction and pretend you don’t see what is going on. Keep doing that and it may be too late. Think about what would happen if you offered your observations for others to have the opportunity to examine your point of view. It may make a huge difference in the outcome of the negative situations developing around you.


Keeping quiet when you see unfairness will not work. You don’t like what is going on and you need to say it and take a stand that makes your proud of your part in the situation. Do it or you will not be able to face the people once all is known.


It is super important you don’t allow the extreme mental “weather” changes to get you down. You are aligned with greatness and now is not the time to give up. Take a walk on the beach, call old friends and catch up on their lives. Do not allow the darkness that has settled onto the Planet block the light at the end of the tunnel.


Now is the time to admit to all that you have done wrong in terms of your human relations. When you do that, a whole new world of relating opens up and your issue of social isolation disappears as if by magic. Accept responsibility for your attitudes and actions and it will iron out quickly. Do it!


You did nothing to prevent this other than fume. So keep fuming or do something. Which will it be? Your self-esteem is killing your opportunities. You are not the only person who needs to apologize or explain erratic behavior.


Now you can understand why it did not work out before. You “get it”. Now do something about making those changes and letting the world know you are ready for a new dawn in your life.


You are sorry you said all those things. How can you fix this? You cannot fix it unless you are willing to admit you made one mistake after another. So just get it over and do it. The quality of your life depends on it.


You don’t want to admit defeat yet you know you lost that battle. It is ok as that battle is not anywhere near as important as the next one: your bank account. You are not paying attention to what you love, you are paying attention to what brings in money. That will being in just enough to pay the bills but your greatness will not be achieved until you love what you are doing. You don’t love what you are doing now, do you?


Where are all the people you helped in the past? Where are the friends you used to have? What happened? Maybe you did not listen to the signals they put out about your lack of loyalty, your self centered behavior, your viper comments. Pay attention as you can repair some of the relationships but only if you recognize what went wrong ON YOUR PART.


You keep waiting and waiting…for what? There is no outside signal that will tell you to move forward. You have to have the courage to do it. Why don’t you let love drive you instead of letting fear stop you?


Keep sitting there and the train will leave the station and you will have to run to catch up to it. Do it, as you know it is what you want.


It is late in the game to change your reputation but it not beyond repair. Start working on being real, honest in your communications and straightforward. But first take the time to figure out who you are and what will make your heart sing, which is not someone else’s bank account.