Quote of the week

This mantra will help you

to focus on what you really want,

even if you did not know it.


“Please God help me

with my intention

to be soul happy”.

This Week:   Horoscopes February 4-10

Your astral body forces, your Force, is becoming stronger.

What are you going to do with it?

If you ride the Golden Age energies that entered after the last two eclipses you can change your entire reality this week! We are fully into the new cycle! At this time reality is created easily, if you can keep your focus on what you want. The problem is you may not know what you want and that issue is causing you to waste energies in areas your soul is not really interested in.


Soul Happy Mantra

This mantra will help you to focus on what you really want, even if you did not know it, so that the new and powerful astral forces of your astral body can energize what your soul needs and you would want, if you were more connected to your souls’ intentions.

Repeat the mantra in silence as many times as you can throughout your day:

“Please God help me with my intention to be soul happy”.


Hurry up and connect with your soul

We are in a new era which requires you work quickly to keep up. Time is quickening and your issues will become bigger or positive changes in your life will happen faster and more easily. It is your focus on what you want, and literally walking away from what you don’t want, that will ensure you ride the wave of the Golden Age out of the darkness that could envelope you.


It is too late to fix this mess but you can avoid another by simply pointing out what you need to share with others and not offer an opinion. That will work the next time.


Now you wake up the reality of all the time you lost fixing the little things and ignoring the big things. What do you want to do? It makes sense to address what is really wrong in your life yet you hesitate as it is scary. Try repeating this mantra compulsively in silence and it will help to give you the courage to move forward with less burdens: "Please God help me with my intention to make the decision to do it".


Now you understand EVERYTHING! You are shocked but also in awe when you realize your personal power to change your reality. You have become aware that all your problems are due to your mindset and “changing your mind” changes your reality without having to do anything else. The question is, where do you start to change your reality? What area of your life do you dedicate your mantras and visualizations? Try identifying what is your biggest problem and start there.


Do wonderful things and wonderful things happen. Do dreary things and dreary things happens. That needs to be your mantra from here on out. What is dreary in your life? What is wonderful? With that information you now know where to spend your time and attention. It is that simple!


Make sure you share everything about what is going on to get the support you need. Don’t hold back even if it is embarrassing. This will be a new practice for you as you usually hide the negative aspects of your life due to shame. This opens up your future and also new opportunities, as others who also have “shameful” things to hide will feel more comfortable working with you and even sharing with you.


You can make up for lost time by assisting others in their projects. That way when you know what your goals are, they can assist you.


It is not too late to repair the damage but you do need to do it quickly as this particular train will not wait for long. Start today and keep your focus till you are well positioned again.


Now you think you have the strength to do it and yet you still hesitate. Repeat this mantra throughout your day and you will find the strength to do it.
"Even though I am afraid to fail, I love and accept myself".
If you spend more time EACH AND EVERY DAY in nature, you will gain physical vitality that will make the task seem easier. It will happen but you must initiate the process.


Finish up all the loose ends and then turn to your financial issues and face them fully. What do you need to let go of, what do you need to sell quickly? What do you need to turn over to someone else? Do it now as your time is running out. You can create stability in your life again but only if you address the issues “fully”.


It is a delicate situation that requires you make delicate moves, not accept initial rejects and keep your focus on the final goal, which is for everyone to be happy. Do it.


One minute you want one thing and the next minute you want another. Repeat this mantra for weeks to help align you with what will be good for your soul:
"Please God help me with my intention to be happy".


Just laying low will not work. You actually need to do something about your situation to get out of this rut. What are you going to do? If you already know, then do it! If you don’t know, then repeat this mantra throughout the next 6 weeks to align with the next stage of your life:
"Please God help me with my intention to know what will make me happy".