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This Week:   Horoscopes January 7-13

Did you know you are in between Eclipses?

This month has two eclipses:

  • Solar Eclipse,  January 5th in Capricorn.
  • Lunar Eclipse, January the 21th in Leo.

Why are eclipses so important?

Read below what Astro Style astrologers say about their influences on your life:


“Eclipses bring the unexpected, forcing us into action.

Procrastination is part of the human condition. We avoid what’s painful and stay in our comfort zones. That’s why we occasionally need a little cosmic kick in the pants to push us off the fence and into action. 

Eclipses are these agents of change. They fall four to six times a year and turn things upside-down. In our disoriented state, we may act out of character or see turbulence in the world. Eclipses can also help break patterns and shift dynamics.”



The two eclipses are working to pull you out of your half sleep mental state so that you can do your part in helping out at home and at work. If you have addictions that keep you asleep at the wheel of your life, starting weening yourself off of them. Remember, addictions to cell phones, electronic games and Wi Fi are a yet unrecognized factor in being irresponsible in your life by not noticing situations that need corrections.


Sometimes it takes more than 2 eclipses to get you to change your habits. We hope you won’t need anything more than these two eclipses revealing what you need to know to align with your intentions. If you are not able to see your part in your issues, then it is possible that several tragedies in a row will be part of your future in order to ensure you stop, pay attention and then self-correct, so that you too can enter the Golden Age gracefully.


* Trump is Gemini.
The two eclipses are working to stop you from sabotaging your projects. You sabotage in different ways, such as trying to initiate too many projects at one time, “forgetting” to follow up with phone calls/ documentation etc. And your Gemini pleasure in multi-tasking ends up weakening all your intentions. We suggest you repeat this mantra in silence throughout the week:
"Please God help me with my intention to heal my habit of sabotaging my intentions".


The two eclipses are there to make you confront your deepest fears that are blocking you from mastering your life. When you are frightened, as most Cancers tend to be, that fear does not allow you to energize your intentions and your choices are based on avoiding fear or fearful situations. This mantra can change your life in less than 7 days if you repeat it compulsively throughout your day and night:
"Please God help me with my intention to heal the root cause of my fears".


The two eclipses are trying to wake you up to the path you appear to be on. If you have back to back situations of bad luck in this next month, they may be happening for you to get into contact with your emotions so that you can know what you feel and what you really want. Your bad luck is an indicator the path you are on may not be the path that can make you happy. Your eclipse mantra to be repeated in silence is:
"Please God help me with my intention to be happy".


The two eclipses are busy opening your eyes to your tendency to watch others and criticize rather than doing what you need to do to align with your intentions. Your self esteem will take a beating for several weeks when you can see and understand how you are the problem in your life, not others. You don’t need a mantra to help you self-correct as you will be so aware of what you need to do to change your life, that you will automatically do it!


The two eclipses are shaking up your world in so many ways you cannot count them. Take the time to dissect each issue or incident so that the situations do not need to repeat themselves. It appears you are aware and willing to do the self-correcting, but just in case the planets want you to know that your entire world will disintegrate in front of your eyes by the 27th of January if you do not get out of the way of the runaway train that is headed in your direction.


It is up to you how your year goes but why don’t you remember what you promised yourself you would do at the end of 2018, which was less than 2 weeks ago! Your exhaustion is hindering your ability to energize your intentions and that is a pity as you were aligned with your souls mission at the end of the year until the 2nd of January. We suggest you figure out what needs to change in your life so that your body can support your intentions instead of blocking them. This mantra repeated in silence will help:
"Please God help me with my intention to heal my exhaustion".

Note: One of the first symptoms of Wi Fi, cell phone, 5G intoxication is exhaustion. Try reducing the radiation in your daily life to see if it make a difference in your vitality.


The eclipses cannot make you do something you do not want to do as that would be interfering with your free will. But look inside your heart, not your head, to see what changes you need to make to ensure you survive the next several months.
You have an unseen factor in your life which is the excess fire that comes with Global Warming, Wi Fi, 5G, cell phones, cell phone towers etc. It would appear you have not monitored the amount of intoxicating radiation and it is blocking your intentions by reducing your vitality and your ability to energize your projects and intentions.
We suggest this mantra to help with you ability to detoxify from the radiation and align with your intentions:
"Please God help me with my intention to renew my vitality and health".


The eclipses are going to help you finish up with your issues of arrogance and bullying. You may have some dramatic encounters with people you love who will finally get you to realize that you must mend your ways in your interpersonal relations. With these two issues subdued, you will immediately be rewarded with contracts and opportunities that you have wished for but never believed you could get.


The eclipses have rattled you to the max yet you are clear headed as to what you must do and you have the focus to do it all. Just remember to get others on board so that you have the support you need to deal with the consequences of your decisions.


The eclipses will help you clean up what is remaining of your arrogance and lack of attention to the details of other people s emotions. That accomplished, you will be able to move forward in your deep desires to change your entire life to something more graceful, less stressful and more prosperous.