Quote of the week

When a part of your life turns dark in these next several weeks, remember   that it is a sign that you need to heal from a trauma. Remind yourself it is an opportunity and not a punishment or bad luck and do your healing work so that the issues never darken your life again.

This Week:   Horoscopes March 11-17

The Law of Attraction may darken a part of your life

This is a week in which humans will be very connected to the darkness that has descended on the planet. But it will only affect you in the areas of your life where you have a darkness that you did not address. In other words, huge unhealed traumas from your past will catch up with you and create a darkness in the same area of your life. Even though the issues will be very ugly, it is a final opportunity to clean up the darkness you carry within you so that the future darkness cannot ultimately take you down.


Law of Attraction dynamics

The dynamics are very simple. The Law of Attraction is powerful and currently overwhelming human intentions. The magnetism of the Law of Attraction works on that which has a magnetic quality, such as your astral (emotional) spirit and your emotions. If you have repressed emotions (magnetically charged astral particles) in you, you will attract the same types of emotions and emotionally charged situations starting this week and for the next several weeks.

If you were the victim of sexual abuse and never healed from that, you may experience another abuse or be accused of abusing or be involved in an abuse scandal. If someone stole money from you, now you may have that happen again or you may be accused of stealing or you may be caught up in a money scandal.

Take the time to identify which traumas in your life you never healed from and repeat a properly worded mantra in silence to avoid having that part of your life turn into a nightmare. Formulate your intention mantra with a few words that identify that which you intend on healing:

“Please God help me with my intention to heal…”




Analyze your aura

You can be the victim of an invasion of spirits, some spell or curse, a blow to the head that opened a portal to other dimensions allowing spirits to enter, addiction to electronic games, to your cell phone, etc …

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Sweep the problems under the rug and they still will not go away. It is time to reveal all your concerns so that the issues can be looked at, reviewed and addressed in a timely way. Wanting the problems to go away is not a realistic solution to what can later become monstrous and out of control. Do it now as within 6-7 weeks you will have to deal with the monster and you may not win at that point.


You are upset no one is paying enough attention to you but what you don’t know is that the time has passed for all that attention that you needed as a child but did not get. It is time to learn to take care of yourself so that you never feel neglected again. Make the effort to work through your abandonment issues as you will be achieving a comfort level you never thought possible. It will be worth the effort.


It is up to you what happens next. Figure out what you really want as that can happen now. Don’t hesitate to adjust the plan as you move forward, as that too can happen. Just don’t expect anyone else to do the work as they don’t know what needs to be done.


Your heart is sad because you believe your life will never change in the ways you would want. Look inside yourself to see why you are still blocking certain intentions and you will realize you are the master of your intentions. Repeat this mantra in silence throughtout the week to get that last intention “grounded” and turned into reality now: "Please God help me with my intention to…"


You are tired of all the games yet you started them! At that time, you had more personal strength and you felt you would win. Now you recognize your mistake and wish you had simply been honest and shared what really happened. But it is not too late to change your tactics and people will not question the past, as they too are desperate for a change in their relating.


It was never your intention to end up where you are now yet every single decision you made brought you here. It is time to revisit your actions and make them compatible with your intentions. In other words, your actions need to make sense in terms of what you want.


Now that the big decisions have been made, you feel bored. That is a huge issue in your life that needs to be addressed as you have destroyed many projects and relationships due to your need for over stimulation. Look elsewhere for “entertainment” and you will find your relationships stabilizing again.


Behave now and you will get the prize. Act out and this opportunity will never come back to you. It is that simple.


It is up to you what to do next just remember you do not need more enemies. Often your behavior is to lash out at those who wronged you yet that only pushes them further into the “enemies” category in your life. Why not try a different tactic to see if you can turn around some of those enemies and bring them back into the “friends” category?


Finish up all your tasks as your life is about to get really interesting. You wanted more stability yet fun, you wanted more money yet less work and you will get both now. Just try and not lash out at people when you have to wait a little for the final touches to your successes.


Now or never. You either reach back into your past and finish up your healing work or you will carry the issues till the end. It will be your choice and either choice will work. Just don’t move forward and then reach back into the past as that will slow down your successes.


Maybe you will never get what you want but it is because you don’t really want it. You hesitate to dream big yet your heart and soul want “big”. Allow yourself to dream and then turn those dreams into intentions and see how your life turns around so quickly you get dizzy.