Quote of the week

We are at the end of the collapse of a paradigm and with that come so many issues that the media is having a field day with all the “bad” news.

But you can soften this paradign collapse by repeating this mantra in silence throughout your day:

“Please God help me with my intention to align with my Aquarian prosperous mission”.

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Get up off that chair and do what you know you must do. It is time to be responsible for your life and waiting and waiting is only making things worse.


It is always something. Why is your life so complicated? Maybe it is you that complicates things? Try this: don’t get upset at anyone unless you are willing to tell them you are upset. That should cut down the volume of complaints you have about others and that bad energy you allow to build up in your relationships will drop dramatically.
Start today and watch how your life transforms.


Now is the time to do something about your “situation”. Yes, you must admit defeat in an area of your life that you have fought tooth and nail to control. It is not working and it could cost you your health. Share the issue and ideas from others will give you your solutions.


It is up to you how you do it but do push forward now as a huge door is open for you in terms of prosperity and relationships of all kinds. Don’t hesitate because you think you will make a mistake, just move forward and go back and correct whatever you think needs correcting.


Now you see it all?
So now what are you going to do about the reality you are now seeing? Do something, as those who you love are tired of being rejected and have almost given up.


Why don’t you just give up instead of ranting and raving about what others have done to you? Everything is everyone else’s fault so just stop relating to people, unless you are willing to understand human dynamics. In relationships, it always takes 2 to tango. If the relationship is good, both are responsible, If the relationship is bad, both are responsible. It is that simple and once you accept that, it will be easier to take responsibility for your part in the issues.


Things are settling down yet you are not happy. Don’t expect to be happy anytime soon as you are in a major transformation and they are always complicated, messy and can even be ugly at times! Meaning that you can be ugly! Don’t allow your expanded self-awareness depress you too much. Everyone goes through what you are going through sooner or later. This too shall pass…


Weasel you way into what you want if that is necessary. Ask to gain entrance, plough your way through, do something, anything to get to that place where you know the magic begins…


It is time to take full responsibility for what you want, share the details with others and then move forward with a plan. Other than that, your life will be one failure after another…


Don’t delay in getting every obstacle out of the way of what you know needs to happen next. It is that simple.


You were wrong. It is possible to fix something that is totally broken if there is enough love and honestly. There is now…


Misery loves company so go ahead and find other miserable people… or make those changes. The time is now.