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Your intentions create your reality but you may have some subconscious intentions that are more powerful than you realized.


This Week:   July 30 to August 5, 2019

July 30 to August 5, 2019

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This week will reveal weaknesses in your plans. Pay attention to roadblocks, uncooperative people and mistakes, so that you can figure out what is going on and take care of it.

Your intentonas create your reality but you may have some subconscious intentions that are more powerful than you realized. As an example, you may want to separate from your mate or move out of town, but if you have abandonment issues from childhood, those issues may create a strong intention not to let go of what you currently have.

To ensure you are not blocked by hidden, unconscious intentions, silently repeat a mantra 50 times a day and watch as memories float up that may surprise you. These memories may be why your subconscious is creating strong intentions you are not aware of but become powerful blocks to what you are actively intending.

These are some examples of powerful intentions that require changes in your life that your subconscious may not fully support:

  • Please God help me with my intention to be happy
  • Please God help me with intention to end the marriage gracefully
  • Please God help me with my intention to have a wonderful job
  • Please God help me with my intention to move successfully

 Use these mantras as examples and formulate a mantra that addresses what you want. Repeat it silently and it will trigger your unconsciousness memories and desires, your worst enemies to your intentions. You will find that the enemy to getting what you want is within you.


Now is the time to stand up proud and extend your hand to help others. If it were not for your powers of observation, you would not be in such a great place. So remember to share what you “see” so that others can benefit too.


Pick up your marbles and go home as this game you are playing is not going to work. It is that simple.


Open up to all, about your unhappiness and you will get the support you need. It is time to share that you do not have everything under control in your life. Do it now.


Why all the secrecy? Share issues and you will get help.


Stop blaming others and do what you must to get what you want. Stop supporting other people’s agendas and start supporting your own. Do your thing and it will work out for everyone. You stopped having faith in yourself a long time ago and it is time you recuperate your ability to trust what you feel and know is right.


Now you realize you should have spoken up earlier. But you did not, because you wanted to control the situation. It is late to repair situations and relationships from the past but you can promise yourself you will be more communicative in this new beginning of your life.


Being repentant is not enough this time. Your behavior needs to change permanently, not just when you are called on it. Sometimes you underestimate other people’s ability to know what is going on. Speaking with a forked tongue includes hiding information that the other person needs.


It is up to you whether you forgive everyone or not but make a quick decision as the situation is changing by the minute. There are benefits and consequences either way.


You are way off base! Maybe you need a vacation? Maybe you need to check your facts? Whatever has you reading everything and we mean everything, wrong needs to be ferreted out so you can gain control of your life again. Can you hear this?
The planets want Sagittarius individuals to be super clear about their choices so that the latent power they have can be used to their benefit and the benefit of others. If a Sag is not clear that power can be used to destroy the enemy, when the enemy is delivering a message they need to hear.


Keep up the good work and pay attention to what the people you love ask for, even if they do not express it in words. Soon you will be taking the helm of the ship but you need to ensure that all get their needs met or the ship will not make it to port.


You feel more confident that you can turn things around but that does not mean you don't need other people. What it means is that you are the power player and if something in your life goes wrong, you are responsible. Don't forget that in 8 weeks time…


Keep your mouth shut about your plans or someone will truncate them. Do what you must quietly and then leave without a forwarding address. It is that simple.