Quote of the week

You are in between 2 eclipses

that are all about change.


this is a determining week

in your life

so put down that phone

and pay attention!

This Week:   Horoscopes January 14-20

Is your living and working environment toxic?

The Bible and the Mayans knew about the horror of End Times yet they said the world would be divided into two groups: those who descend in the hell of the Apocalypse and those who don’t. This week is a determining week in terms of your future. The coming weeks will be filled with frightening events and declarations of war. But your future is yours to create as God gave you free will and the tools to create a different reality than the one you read about in the news.

The question is, have you learned how to purify your aura, your home and your business or do you pretend to create prosperity and happiness in an intoxicated environment? The Hope Indians said we would go through a purification prior to entering the Golden Age but if you  try and skip the “purification” process in your personal life, you may end up the group descending into hell. As you can see from the discussions around the movie Bird Box, 5G radiation may overwhelm your consciousness if you do not pay attention to the  invisible energies you allow in your life.

How do you expect to create a beautiful reality of you fill your mind, your tool for creation with images of murder, torture, rape and fear from your TV shows or internet viewings? You should take these comments about  the image you feed  yourself and children as the Dolphins shared in December 1999 that the determing factor of where the violence would be the greatest  in End Times would be the countries where there was a higher consumption of violence VIA TV!


Recommendations for  purification

Contact with the elements of nature are the easiest and least time consuming and inexpensive way to heal and balance your aura and vibe. Schedule your meeting outdoors if you can, take vacations in natural settings and create a natural paradise, regardless of how small, in your outdoors or terrace of your home. Put plants and pleasant seating arrangements so that you and your family and friends will want to be on contact with nature,

We also suggest an analisis of your aura via a photo to detect any unseen factors in your life so you can ensure your purification process includes addressing  the unseen factors the Analisis often reveals: https://store.francesfox.com/products/analisis

Frances’ Aromatherapy of CBD and Coconut Oils will help to change the vibrations of your environments. We suggest you spray it endlessly where you recycle negative thoughts such as your bed or where you sit to watch TV. Aromatherapy link: https://store.francesfox.com/products/aromaterapia


Take it easy, nothing wrong has happened yet! All is pointed in a direction you know is wrong but if you wait you will see nothing that you fear will happen. At this time if you do not support something, the others are aware and deciding not to pursue that route. Congratulations, more respect for you and your opinions!


You are understanding how you have created obstacles to getting what you want. You understand you have been your own worst enemy. Now you need to do something about your future as you are so used to others making your decisions that you don’t know how to be master of your future. Repeat this mantra faithfully in silence to align with what will make you happy:
"Please God help me with my intention to know and energize what I want rather than fight with what I don’t want".


Now is the time to decide whether you stay or you leave your positions. What will it be? You have had a long time to think about this move and yet you hesitate. It is right to move, just plan carefully and you may get everything that you want.


It is a shame you have to do this alone yet you will not be alone for long. Take it slow and easy and know you have all the tools and tremendous, though mostly invisible/spiritual support. Move forward and all will work out easily and the compensation will be beyond your wildest dreams.


You can figure it out later but for now, do nothing! Don’t make any important decisions and don’t get into any agreements, are you will be sorry as soon as next week. It is that simple.


Pick up the pieces of your life and they will never be put back together again. But that is very, very good as you were very, very unhappy. Keep you head up and repeat this mantra hundreds of times day to not fall into the deep depression that is circling you.
What does that mean? It means there is a huge spirit full of depression that is circling you because it suspects it will be able to invade you and take over. This mantra repeat in silence may make the difference in whether your future if what you intend or a living hell.
"Even though I am depressed about my life, I love and accept myself".


Pack, unpack, pack, unpack, you are not ready to leave a relationship nor a job yet, so stop pretending and get back to work trying to fix what you have.


So you did not get what you wanted initially but you can still get it easily. Don’t give up as it is at your fingertips. Repeat this mantra and don’t ask too many questions and go for it!
"Even though I am afraid to admit how much I want this, I love and accept myself".


Ever wonder how you got so off track? Try not to make any important decisions until you figured that out and do some self-corrections. It is that simple.


Now it is all coming together. Now you understand what is happening and your part in the problems. Now you see and you are alarmed and shamed. So now go out and do something about it.


You don’t ask for what you want, you don’t discuss what you want and you don’t work on what you want. Is it any wonder you don’t get what you want?


You see it all and are alarmed and shamed! How can it be you were so wrong in your judgments? Consider all invisible factors such as :
• Addictions
• Black magic
• Repression of childhood traumas
• Exhaustion
The more of these influences you have in your life, the easier it will be to understand how you could have been so asleep. Now work on resolving the issues so you can make the self correcting you know is right.