Horoscopes June 24-30, 2019


This is a fnal warming to get clear on what is important in your life.

If you have loved ones you have not seen, touch base with them and even kiss and make up.

If there is something really important you need to say to someone, then go ahead and do it.

Right now we are inbetween emergencies.

The emergency that already happened was in the other dimensions 2 ½ weeks ago and it set you up for the emergency that will happen this week or next. In the middle of an emergency is not the time to go back and finish up old business.

Now is the time to do that so go ahead and do it and fasten your seat belt.

It is your intentions that will get you the reality you will live but remember: Your reactions to national and international news may overwhelm your intentions and make you feel it is impossible to acheieve them

Do not underestimate the power of your intentions but do not underestimate the power of your subconscious to generate more over riding intentions.

Be clear on what you really really want, not what you think you can get or what will make you secure. Make sure your intentions always include being happy and properous or you may end up living exactly what you intend: surviving.


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