Quote of the week


You create your life, even though you don’t realize it. Take responsibility for the life you created but get busy recreating the life you would prefer by staying  focused on and energizing  your intentions.

This Week:   Horoscopes February 18-24

The gap gets wider…

We are approaching the end on Planet Earth and every decision you make either solidifies your alignment with your intentions or takes you further away from your intentions. To help you stay on track,  make a mental list of what you should be grateful for from last week and intend that this positive trend in your life continue. If you did not have wonderful  “happenings”  last week, ask yourself if you are really making the decisions  that will align you with your intentions.

Want a partner?

As an example, if you are single and want a partner, ask yourself what you are choosing to do   that brings you closer to that. Do you go out to meet people or at least let friends know you want a partner? Do you take care of yourself as if you were actively in the dating game? Or do you stay at home and walk around in yoga pants or old shorts?

Better relationship?

If you want a better relationship with your partner, are you activelymaking choices that support that intention? Do you  ask your partner to sit down and discuss the irritating issues that make you unhappy? Do you listen to your partners complaints to see if they are legitimate and then determine to address the issues you can take care of?

Hate your job?

Hate your job? What are you doing about that? Often you do not need to do anything but “intend” to get what you want, but you do need to energize your intention to be happy with your job.   We suggest the Mission Mantra to help you align with what makes your heart sign:

“Please God help me with my intention to align with my prosperous mission”.


Get up and do your work as your exhaustion is not work related. Find out what is draining your energies and take care of that. Don’t use exhaustion as another way to get out of your responsibilities.


It is up to you what happens next but if you turn over the reins of power in your life to others now, you will never get them back! Pay close attention to what other people promise and if it is not what you want, stand up and say it! You will be sorry if you do not speak up now as the decisions made in the next 17 days will determine the quality of the rest of your life.


Victory is sweet and revenge only sets you back. Now when all your old friends and acquaintances show up at your doorstep, don’t extract revenge for what they did to you in the past, be welcoming. On your own time figure out who you want to reestablish relationships with and who you prefer not to include in this new cycle.


Why did you wait so long to contact old friends? Did you think they would not want to hear from you? Why did you get that impression? It is a new world and a new cycle and everything that is important starts here, at this time. Think carefully about who you include in this new cycle and who should stay in your past.


It took forever but it is finally happening for you. Be grateful and don’t share the blessing with everyone as some will not be happy for you, they will be jealous. Be discreet and grateful now that you are again holding the reins of power.


It is time to wake up to the fact that no one is going to rescue you. They could, but you won’t let them. Does this surprise you? You don’t know that you do not allow for help? Your pride turns an offer to help into an accusation that you are not good enough and need others to take care of you. The offer of help triggers in you a rage that others might think you need help. Under those conditions, you will not be getting help anytime soon… but know that help is there and is your self esteem issues are blocking it.


It is super important that you be honest in your conversations with family members. They are paying close attention to the details of what you share with them and they will know if you leave out important information. It is hard to be open about your personal secrets but to continue to hide the most important “facts” about your life is not fair and does it help you to get out of the black hole you find yourself in today.


It is now or never. Move forward quickly towards what you want and don’t share the details with anyone at this point. Just do it or someone else will take the prize you are now sure you want.


Wow! It took you this long to figure it out! Now what? Are you going to make the changes that will move you away from the precipice in front of you or are you going to keep waiting. Waiting for what? You won’t allow anyone else to make any decisions for you so figure out what you should do and then do it!


It is nice to have everything line up so smoothly. It was not easy getting everything to fall into place but you did it. Just remember to be the opposite of arrogant so that everyone will be happy for you instead of being jealous.


One minute you want it and the next you don’t! And you wonder why other people run hot and cold with you? We suggest you repeat this mantra in silence to help stabilize your emotions so you can figure out what you really want: "Please God help me with my intention to know what I want".


Now that all hell has broken loose, you see how many loose ends are left to figure out. But you also see how everything is falling into place, just as you would have wanted… be grateful!