Quote of the week

It is impossible to be of sound mind if you do not sleep.

If these alternative recommendations work, keep looking to add more to your nightly ritual.

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Apocalypse, but in the other dimensions

Humans not only have more than one body, they have an assembly of bodies as seen in the graphic above.

In this time the Spirit of a human, called their Astral Body, is under a strong attack from Galactic spirits  that  never had physical bodies. Those who carry the heavier burden in the war between the spirits of this planet and the Invading Galactic spirits, are mostly children and teenagers. And that battle in the astral dimensions is mainly at night while the physical body is trying to sleep. But it is not only the children who are under attack… In Frances remote viewing ‘ investigations, every single person who did not sleep well was under spirit attack!

Most people do not know they need to protect their entire assemblage of bodies, not just their physical body at night. And contrary to what adults have concluded about their children’s late-night habits, the addictive use of cell phones and laptops at night are a symptomof not being able to sleep. It is not the cell phone that keeps them from sleeping, they are using the cell phones  and watching Youtube obsessively because they cannot sleep.


Nightly rituals

A nightly ritual that helps protect your assemblage of bodies can make a huge difference in your ability to get a good night’s sleep. You can start by asking for help with an Intention Mantra that you repeat in silence 25 to 50 times prior to going to sleep:

“Please God help me with my intention to be protected”.


Cool down your body and mind with CBD and coconut oil

A hot head can cause anxiety. Wi Fi, cell phone and 5G head up the assemblage and augment your anxiety. Gummies bears with CBD oil and melatonin are often a wonderful tool for quality sleep. CBD oil protects against the Galactic Spirits by cooling your assemblage of bodies down. Reducing your fire not only reduces anxiety it also reduces the food of those spirits: the fire element.

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If you really need to get a good night’s sleep, put 3 drops of a high quality CBD oil into organic Coconut oil and massage your head with it before going to sleep. You can sleep with the oil or wash it off, but either way you may find that cooling down your head makes a huge difference in how well you sleep.


Your feet need protection

Massaging coconut oil on your feet with an emphasis on the soles, also helps protect from the mundane spirits that used to have physical bodies.


Waking up in the middle of the night?

If you wake up in the middle of the night, chances are you are under attack. The Fear Purification Mantracan help reduce the fear your astral body spirit is feeling if you repeat it silently until you fall asleep again:

“Even though I am afraid, I love and accept myself”.

It is impossible to be of sound mind if you do not sleep. If these alternative recommendations work, keep looking to add more to your nightly ritual. Remember, alternative really means you are catering to, nourishing and protecting your entire assemblage of bodies, not just your physical!


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Now is the time to open up about how you feel about the direction your life is going in. Are you happy? If you are not, then you need to say it or you will end up in the opposite of where you would prefer to be. Don’t worry about making others unhappy as they need for you to be happy and operational for all their plans to work out.


You are ashamed and know you did wrong but you do not want to look at it. Figure it out as everyone else knows what is going on. It is up to you to decide if you self-correct but there will be severe consequences if you do not.


OK, so it did not work out this time but that project is not to be abandoned. Revise it, adjust it and move forward as it will open a lot of doors for you. Don’t be sad at anyone you have to leave behind. They could not keep up anyway.


Wishful thinking won’t work. You actually have to do something to get where you want to go. Do it now and watch all the pieces fall into place.


Why not just say it? You don’t ever allow others to know what you are thinking and it has really messed up others peoples plans. Don’t keep doing that as they need to know where you are going in case they want to come along for the ride or they want to be dropped off at the nearest bus stop.


It is too late to say you are sorry but not too late to self-correct your awful behavior. You continue to assume that people will forgive you but you have not taken into consideration that they are over stressed and cannot tolerate what they tolerated before. Wake up before it is too late.


You can say you are sorry but it won’t make a difference to those who were hurt. But if you tell them you are going to take care of the situation, they will listen. If it is important enough, do that and follow up on your promised to correct what everyone knows went wrong.


Now you can move forward with the assurance you will not get bored. Do it and everything will fall into place.


Move it along and don’t look back. Your old patterns and habits aren’t working so everything needs to be new. Pay attention to the reactions to what you propose and what you do, so as not to anger another group of people. You cannot keep having to change friends as it reflects as your habits as a friend.


Now or never. You need to move forward as the new cycle is here and you are still in old mode. Don’t be afraid to do it if the prospect excites you more than what you are doing now.


Too bad you talked so much about your changes and then did nothing! No one is going to listen the next time you say you are determined to move forward with a project. Stay silent but do something!


Never mind what you wanted; it is time to make adjustments to what others want. Eventually they will settle down and you can go back to your routine, but for now, it is you that has to adjust.