Quote of the week

We suggest you take time out

every day to remember

all the good things that happened

and repeat in silence this mantra

to augment the force of gratitude

in your life.

“Please God help me

with my intention to be grateful”.

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Gratitude is a force. Use it!

Make a list of all the wonderful things that happened last week, all the people you reconnected with and all the signs that your world is improving. You will see there is a trend and this week should again be taking you in a positive direction.

All the time you spend being grateful for what is good in your life, friends, family, your job, where you live etc. all that time will reinforce the new positive tilt in your life. We suggest you take time out every day to remember all the good things that happened and repeat in silence this mantra to augment the force of gratitude in your life.

“Please God help me with my intention to be grateful”.


The force of gratitude

Gratitude is a force made up of the thoughtof being gratefulwhich then opens up the heart chakra. The heart chakra then stimulates the crown chakra which opens up and allows more light into your assemblage of bodies. Being grateful fills you with more light and that light can be used to energize your intentions.

If you want even more light in your life to energize your intentions then do this exercise.

  1. Remember something that happened that you should be grateful for.
  2. Repeat the Gratitude Mantra as you remember/reminise.

See how good it feels? See how there seems to be a building up of good energies as you breath and repeat the mantra? Can you see how  tension in the situation or person is released?

Do this with everything thing positive and good that happens every day and watch how you can easily create even more positive happenings and outcomes.


It is time to put on your diplomatic hat and make peace within the family. You are the only one that can achieve success in the middle of this mess.


It happened. All your worst nightmares have come true and you don’t know what to do. It is time to access your faith that everything single thing that is happening to you is happening for a reason. Look for the reasons for the string of bad luck and the living hell you are in now.
This is a fast-forward learning phase for you so don’t waste time complaining and feeling sorry for yourself. Dedicate that time to search for why you would need these particular problems.


Don’t start making up stories to fit what you think is going on. Just ask the questions openly and you have the answers and they will make you happy. All is OK.


Don’t let up on the praying for what you want as that ensures you don’t lose your focus. All is aligned, the bad guys have been subdued and it is time to move forward. Don’t hesitate but don’t be in a hurry either.


Don’t back down now as you have already won the battle. Go forward, there is no going back.


Now is the time to thank those who have helped you out in the past. Now is the time to identify who was a true friend and who used you. Now is the time to be clear as to what is real and what is just an illusion in your head. All this will help you in this new cycle.


You hesitate to say the truth yet you know you must or you will never be able to get back on track with valued friends and family. Do it now and the doors to success will open widely and you can just leisurely walk through them to your goals. If you do not share the truth you will be locked out of this journey. Stop protecting others and take care of yourself. You know what we mean by this last statement.


When money is due, it is due. So just pay what you owe and promise yourself never ever to get into that type of scheme again. And now move forward with that “lesson” learned.


Pick up the pieces and it will all not add up to what you have lost due to your own negligence. You refuse to look at the damage your attitude has caused and you refuse to ask for forgiveness when you have messed up. Now what are you going to do? And stop blaming others for what you created.


Why on earth do you look back if you refuse to learn the lessons from your bad behavior? Is your self esteem so low you cannot bear to see your part in your failures? Be OK with getting angry at yourself rather than blaming others. It is your only path to happiness at this point in your life.


It is all adding up to one avenue of escape from the mess. Just do what is necessary at this time to ensure you don’t end up agreeing to things you don’t believe in.


Ever wonder how things got so bad? The only reason you ask that question is that you were asleep at the wheel of your life and others were making all the decisions for you. Don’t let that happen again and ensure you know what you want and you go for that, not prop up other people’s agendas.