Quote of the week

This week you have to do something/anything about your situation. You know you are bored, angry or afraid and you sit with those emotions without doing anything. How about doing something? Repeat this mantra in silence 25 times a day until you feel right about a certain choice or path. And then do it!”

“Please God help me with my intention to do something to move forward”.

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Supposes it is all revealed? Will you be pleased or ashamed of your behavior? It will be revealed because we are in Revelations. You have 15 days to reveal the situation yourself or to risk being embarrassed when it comes out. What are you going to do? We suggest you repeat this mantra in silence throughout your day to get up the courage to speak out:
"Please God help me with my intention to let them know".


It is awful when you realize you are master of your destiny and that you have messed up badly. But it is not too late to self-correct, even though certain people in your life will be unable to trust you again. That is ok as long as you self-correct the behavior you are now so ashamed of.


It is up to you but you must do something, so go ahead and reach out for help now.


Whatever you choose to do, you can always go back and fix it, if it turns out to be the wrong choice. Just don’t sit there waiting for things to happen.


Whatever happens is better than where you are right now and you know it. Go ahead and make that phone call, make those changes and then wait for some truly miraculous things to happen. Congratulations!


Now you understand how harsh you have been to everyone and how they dislike you for a reason. It will be smooth sailing from here on out if you keep that in mind as you continue to relate to more people.


You are usually savvy about what to do but that is not the case now. You know you need to correct that situation and don’t know how to do it without asking for forgiveness. What is the matter with saying you recognize you made a mistake and that you want to fix it? Don’t allow pride to block you from your destiny.


Pick up the phone and get in contact with that person. Next week maybe too late.


It is no wonder you are so tired, with all that scheming and planning to get even with those you think did you wrong! Why don’t you spend that time planning your own life and then doing mantras to energize those plans? You will get a lot more support that way. We sugges this mantra repeated in silence 25 times a day:
"Please God help me with my intention to have a plan and stick to it".


Whatever you do, don’t lose your temper. Just play along with those who think your plan is crazy but go ahead with it anyway. Best of luck, but use this mantra to lubricate the way:
"Even though I am afraid it won’t work, I love and accept myself".


You are ashamed of your behavior and recognize you hid behind your addictions because you were afraid to face certain aspects of your life. Your main shame comes from having left others dealing with what were your issues. It is not too late to self-correct and you have done more good than bad in your lifetime so it all works out. Now is the time to wake up and make choices based on reality, not on what you wished was the reality of your life.


Now you can tell everyone what happened and they will not believe you. So don’t bother as you know it is a story line that is not true. You left out the part about your behavior and how you set up this mess. Just remain silent and deal with the issues and eventually you will get back on track.