How To Energize Your Third Eye Chakra

The All Knowing Eye

You Have One and its Sanskrit Name is   Ajna

In the land of the blind, a person who can see is king…

The third eye chakra is located in your forehead and is all about memory, wisdom, judgment and the ability to “see’ what is not there on the physical dimension (intuition, clarivoyance). The third eye chakra functions best with optimal amounts of melatonin which is manufactured by the pineal gland. The radiation of microwave from cell phones held to the head are the biggest enemy today to the development of that part of your chakra system.

We are at a time in history when we are scheduled to master the laws of Planet Earth. becoming masters of our destiny. If you take care of your third eye, you will not only not be part of the Alzheimers statistics, you will be a master of the world of magic and most important, your physical world.

Here are a list of what help your third eye to flower into a full blown lotus:

  1. An Ayurvedic product called Mind Care, a formulation of herbs that is thousands of years old. Look it up on the internet to see how you feel about taking it
  2. A willingness to “see”. It is not easy to stay  stay awake and aware  in the middle of chaos. If you struggle to accept that the opposite of light, which is darkness, has a right to exist on this Planet of duality, then you will struggle keeping this chakra open
  3.  Castor oil packs on your forehead, 3 days in a row every two weeks.  Look up how to make a castor oil pack on the internet, placing it on your forehead for a minimum of 45 minutes and better yet, for 2 hours each session. Castor oil brings light into your forehead, which is your third eye, which is where your inner vision, psychic vision and wisdom are held.  This light will help you to balance the darkness which is invading the planet
  4. Placing your forehead on the truck of a tree of substance (not a Palm Tree) and ask for your third eye to be purified and energized
  5. The mantra “OM” hummed throughout your day. The sound pronounced AUMMMMM opens up your central channel of energy allowing it to fill with light
  6. Practicing the KUNDALINI UP! Mental Yoga at least once a week to align the other chakras and to help raise your energies into your entire chakra system.

In recent years scientists have found vestiges of a third eye in human forehead tissue….but don’t wait for science to find out how many diseases and distresses you can relieve with a fully functional third eye such as:

Protection from Alzeihmers, memory loss, poor sleep, poor judgment, lack of vision, an inability to “figure things out”, mental lethargy, mental fog …..