Indigo/ Crystal Children – A Message from An Indigo

An Indigo Child Speaks Telepathically with Frances

What parents need to know is that the parents need to be happy. The children are not here for their own needs, their own issues or their own karmic resolutions. They are here to reflect parents and society and to guide parents and society so that the evolutionary process that we are in will be easier. When parents make a wrong move but do not know it or recognize it, you will able to see it in your children because they will start to act out. When the parents make the kind of decisions that work for them, the children will be happier.

They are there to reflect back to the parents what is going on for them internally that they are not aware of. If a parent is processing his or her unhappiness, the children do not need to reflect it back. It is when the parents think that they are ok when they are not really ok, that they have to act out. They are here to be a mirror. Human beings have mirrored each other for centuries in the process of resolving their karmic issues, their karmic obligations and their mission. The difference between this normal karmic process and what is happening since 1949 is that most of the souls coming in are not trying to resolve their own issues. They are trying to help the evolution of planet earth.

The concept of flowering

Flower: the best period of a person or thing; in botany the part of a plant containing or consisting of the organs of reproduction. Flowering: the act or state of bearing flowers

If people could start to look at life with this particular concept in mind, they could have many of their questions answered. Flowering has to do with creativity and an augmentation of energy. If you look at the things in your life that are flowering and the things that are stagnated or the things that are dying, you will find that the things that are flowering are the things that makes you happy. The relationships, projects or activities that are stagnated do not make you happy. The things that are dead and dying are making you very unhappy.

This concept does not just apply to plants even though flowering and growing plants around you will bring you more happiness. If you look at your life, and say, “is this project flowering or floundering, is this that I have been doing for 12 years still flowering? This will be a very simple guide to whether something is making you unhappy or not. Even though some things are not flowering because it is going through a bad time, the concept still applies. Why is it not flowering? Do not just accept that it is not. Why isn’t it? What changes are needed for it to flower?

Telepathic Interview With Bianca (3 years old) 2003

Time is very different today
It is not like starting a business today and it takes 5 years to work. In relationships, in business, in projects, in opportunities, you do not have the time factor any longer. Years ago you start a relationship very slowly finding out what the person was like. Then you met their family and then you decide you want to be together forever. In addition, you still had to wait a space of time until you got married.

That is not what is happening anymore. Things are moving very quickly. You meet a person and it is instant. YOU want to be with that person all the time. Or you want to be with that a person a lot. You do not have to go through the exploratory phase because everything is being revealed very quickly, instantly. Time has speeded up.

If something flowers, you should go with it. If it not flowering you have to ask yourself why is it not flowering? See if you can make arrangements but do not expect that if something is not working, that within 6 months or a year, you can get it back on track and things will be OK. That is not the way time and space is working now. That is not compatible with how the human energy system has speeded up.

Could these kids be blocked in their mission?

Sometimes these children become very depressed because they take on the excess emotions that the planet cannot process. They become very depressed and they lose their focus, an internal focus to assist the planet in this evolutionary process. Their assistance includes taking on that negative energy but that is not all that they are here for. They are not here just to absorb negative energy and play it out. They are also here to teach and to heal in an active way.

Children that live in places where they have so much war are much more depressed. Their creativity is diminished and it is noticeable. If you have a group of kids from places that have been going through war and you put them next to kids that lived in a place where they did not need to absorb as much, you would see a marked difference between the two groups of kids. The children that are in those places chose to be in those places. Some of this energy can be processed out but it is very difficult. Most of it has to be processed by Mother Earth or by people. The negativity comes in from off planet but it has to be worked through”

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