Lunar eclipse horoscopes April 25, 2013

Lunar eclipse April 25, 2013



The theme of this eclipse cycle has been dealing with toxicity within relationships, such as confusion, jealousy and suspicion. Some relationships are ending, some are beginning, and some are being saved from the brink. This April 2013 lunar eclipse shows that all relationships issues can resolved in the weeks ahead but it not easy. It will be emotionally testing and requires some sacrifices.

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This may be one of the most important planetary configurations in your history. I t has to do with love and your relationships. Read below to see how it will influence your life.


You begin to recognize that people are important in your life, not just fun and connections. Your heart is opening up and it is painful, but it will be worth it!


You may feel like your heart is breaking from the pain of not having the love that you so deeply desire. Open up your arms and embrace that which you love whether it is people or processes and heal the karmic wounds that are holding you back in all areas of your life.


Love is now a part of your daily thought processes. You used to find the subject of love “boring” unless it included a sexual angle. Now you know different and it will change you, and the people around you will benefit the most.


Love has always been painful for you; all that worry and fear you associate with loved one. Now, because of this lunar eclipse, you will have the benefits of love without all the horrors of potential losses and wounding that has been your past experience.


Love is front and foremost for you but with  lots of question marks and requirement. You will now open to pure love and it will interesting to see who you really love. It may surprise you.


You can be happy and also have love. For you love has always been painful but now that can change if you are willing to change and open up to the possibility that love is not perfect.


It is not too late to realize how important love has been in your life and how little time you have dedicated to it. Look at your daily routine to ensure this new aspect of your life has the room to grow. In other words, you need space on your calendar for love!


Don’t cry, this eclipse will rock your world, allowing you to have what you have yearned for, love together with sex! Great combination!


Your heart is broken as perhaps is your love life. It has been hard to achieve your goals and also have the time and strength for love. This eclipse will lubricate your life so that you can have both.


These planetary movements are rocking your world and you can see how important love is. Take the time to share your new feelings with those who love you back.


Love is not a concept thought you have often viewed it as such, something for human beings who are not so “evolved”. Now you are recognizing  how important it is to feel love in your daily life, not just in your sex life.


You have always associated love with pain. Throughout the centuries you have seen inhuman acts of brutality and horrors that shut down your heart in this incarnation. This eclipse will shift your consciousness now and you will not recognize these new feelings of spontaneous love. Enjoy  it and allow your love to flow openly.