What is making executives and children sick and tired today?

Getting sick in 2014

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We began these investigations and “ran into” the infrastructure of the mind and string theory in 1997-1998. At that time we had a formal office with a secretary and spent all day taking care of children and executives, an interesting combination!
The issues we dealt with on a regular basis with the children were ADD, ADHD, autism, cerebral palsy, one Downs Syndrome child, 2 children in coma from near drowning and lupus, fibromyalgia and depression. We found the original injuries and worked with the clients with good success
Children’s root issues in the past
The children’s issues were due to spirit attachment during the birthing process, past life traumas, repressed mothers (who tend to have overactive male children), transference of energies from over worked fathers, etc. There were environmental issues such as the children who were negatively influenced by living in reclaimed swamplands or behind artificial canals or lakes. But by and large the issues were mainly emotional in nature.
Executives root issues in the past
The executive issues were generally problems with authority that started with problems with the father during childhood, trauma from a previous failure they had not healed, and curses.
Today, unfortunately that has changed and the main issue for both children and executives plus all the others we are in contact with, have original injuries that are environmental in nature: electromagnetic radiation.
Children’s health issues today: 2014
The augmentation in autism according to my investigations is from the burning off of the fingers at the end of the mindstrings and possibly the 4 extensions at the end of the telomeres, which leave the child unprotected.
Executive’s health issues today
The executives today are usually in such a state of exhaustion from the excess fire from wireless radiation and dirty electricity  that they cannot possibly hold to their company’s standards or their own intention to perform.

 Remote viewed radiation in aura/energy field matches newly revealed “photos” of Wi Fi

JUNE 2014
Sketching and photographing wireless radiation

Luis Hernan from Newcastle University “captured” stunning photos of wireless in buildings and around people. Even though they are visually much more beautiful than what we sketch, they are telling the same story: invisible microwave (wireless) engulfing our bodies. The graphic on the left is a typical woman we sketched in 2011 showing the effects of wireless in her energy field.  The graphic of the woman below was sketched in 2011 and shows the microwaves in her aura from her cell phone. Most people look like this today. The black box on her hip is where she says she keeps the cell phone in her jean pocket during the day. The  actual photo  underneath  is of  the same radiation  Frances sketched with the Wi Fi surrounding an actual person talking on a cell phone.

graphic radiation cell phone Female50

radiation luis hernana

This photo reveals how Wi-Fi surrounds people when using their phones. Mr. Hernan added the colors to make it more interesting….

Notice that the swirling energy of the microwave radiating from the persons cell phone is not horizontal, in my sketch nor in the photo.

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Human evolution

And this is the real shame, as we are in a fast forward stage of human evolution, talked about since the beginning of time.

 The good news is we now  we have a beautiful sacred energy coming onto the Planet to help “upgrade” our vibration. Below it is depicted as it is, blue in color and over the left shoulder, which has been the entry point of Galactic energies (and invasions) since the beginning of time.

Cell phone radiation blocks  personal evolution
Cell phone radiation blocks personal evolution

See the problem? Who do you think is going to win? The sacred energies of compassion and wisdom or the microwave emitted from your cell phone that is strong enough to bring you images all the way from Afghanistan? The cell phone radiation is stronger than the sacred energies.

Sketching since 1997 but no one really took the information revealed as “science”, which by definition means to observe and draw conclusions…

We have been sketching people’s energy fields for over 18 years. We stopped sketching around 10 years ago. Then we held a class where we sketched children’s energy fields. The results were so shocking that two participants begged me not to do “that” again.

That” was documenting through my sketches the incredible damage to the children’s auras due to their parents cell phones, the Wi-Fi in the home, the wireless from cell phone towers etc. The two people contended that the information was too scary.

girl RADIATED  by cell phone

Above  is one of the sketches from that first documentation of the horrifying damage wireless microwave radiation does to a 13 year old child who constantly holds some wireless device in her hand and often next to her head. the child is a nervous wreck, does not sleep well and does not do well in school. After extensive testing, they still don’t know what is wrong with her.


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