Marie Moore 2016 Horoscopes

Marie Moore

2016 Horoscopes

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This year starts with you running out of the gate. This is a great energy time for career and business endeavors. I feel also this is a energy for working on yourself and changing your emotional self this year.

I think are getting tired of yourself and may work on being consistent with your energy. I feel when Uranus goes retrograde again ex’s and freenemies (enemies who pose as friends) will re enter your life. Unfortunately this is going to continue to happen till 2017 when Uranus goes into the sign of Taurus, when some of you will be able to walk away for good from these karmic relationships.


In the beginning of the year you have beautiful energy. For a lot of you the focus is more on money and career. If your money and career isn’t right, than your love life is going to suffer.

You may have to be more aware of what you are saying to others, because sometimes you tend to nit pick or be a Mr. and Mrs. know it all.

Try to bend like a palm tree and allow others to figure things out for themselves. This will lead to a more peace work environment.


This is a time of lessons, especially in the summer time. The summer 2016 especially in your birthday month, till about July and August will be a time of adjustment. You will be learning what works and what doesn’t work, especially in the way you relate to others.

You are going to find that people close to you, who usually let you get away with things, may now start putting their foot down. For some of you who are a bit more elevated Gemini’s, you’ll find this year new people coming into your life and people leaving your life. The people leaving your life at this time means that your lesson with that person is over.

I feel career will also be stressful. For some of you again, 2016 will be a time of career changes, for better or worst. Saturn in Sagittarius is all about lessons.


You are looking this year to get off your hamster wheel. The only problem you have is figuring out how to make things happen. When you are going to do it, is totally up to you.

You are allowing excuses to keep you where you are. All this worries and concerns may stop in your tracks.

Your emotional self will take the wheel and so it’s up to you what you want this year to be. Make this a year about change and moving forward.

Love is easier for those of you who are in your twenties. I feel after 30 it gets a bit more difficult because of Pluto in your seventh house. You have to do a bit more in regards to love.

Work on changing your emotional self, be a bit pickier with love and learn to let go when people aren’t reciprocating. I feel that this year you still have lessons to learn in relationships and love.


I feel next year this is going to be a great energy time for you with work and career. People you have cut off from your life will try to re enter your life next year. Whether you decide to allow them back into your life or not , it’s up to you. Of course I’m talking about family members.

I feel that love relationships will come and go because you are very sensitive this year. You read into what people are doing or not doing a bit more than usual.

I feel children and lovers will show what part of yourself you need to work on. A big lesson for you this year is to stop helping others.

The end of July thru August may prove a bit rough for. You are allowing ego to do all the talking, which can be a detriment.

Your finances may be problematic in the month of July thru August, so make sure to save before then.


Not the easiest time for Virgos this year. With Saturn in your fourth house you have to change your way of communicating with other people. Your lack of communication is causing you to butt heads with a lot of people around you.

The summer may have tough energy, a lot of change. You need to learn to go more with the flow of things, and realize everything happens for a reason. I know at this time, it can seem a bit rough, but if you are willing to work on yourself, things should get better or certain situations will be alleviated.


This year is going to be a year of change for many Libras. Life will change for the better and it will be a time of moving forward. At this time with Jupiter conjunct with the north node you should allow yourself permission to pursue your creative side. For some of you, your creative pursuits and your intuition is talking to you a lot louder! You are your own worst enemy when it comes to these creative endeavors.

Your biggest challenge this year is going to be to see creative projects all the way through and to make decisions with certainty.

I feel for some of you, family may also be a big focus either in a good way or challenging you in your pursuits, leading to obstacles that you don’t need. For some you may have to think about disconnecting from family at this time to go and do your own thing.


In the beginning of the year there may be problems with your relationships because of lack of communication.

At this time you may even be doing and saying one thing but doing another, causing problems with relationships in general.

You need to watch your emotional self in the beginning of the year, because sometimes when you guys burrow into your feelings, you   get into a dark place emotionally and have a hard time getting back out.

Your career is going to do really well because of Saturn in the second house. There will be a lot of lessons with money.

Love maybe a bit confusing at times because of a lack of communicating and your hang ups with love but your career will be doing very well this year.


2016 will not be the easiest energy because of control freak Saturn in your sign which brings it’s heaviness, sucking the fun out of life. Just remember, Saturn leaves in 2017.

Relationships with family and love relationship may be difficult.

This year adjustments to a new way of doing things is the focus. This is a great energy for school, upgrading yourself on the latest technology and spirituality.

In 2016 you may begin to start finding yourself and understanding your purpose in this life. For others of you, you may not find that direction till 2017 when Saturn is leaving your sign.

My advice is to learn something you like to do, like a hobby to get you going in the right direction, when it comes to your purpose in life.


There is a good energy except when you take everything personally or you are up and down with your emotions.

How can you align your thoughts with what you want? You have a beautiful energy with Jupiter trine Pluto and the north node trine Pluto. So try to keep your thoughts positive, because you may get what you want this year, for better or worse!

For some of you, Saturn in your 12th house of karma there could be some reversal of fortune for some or some karmic lessons or blessings for others.

Capricorn, this is a time to get over your fears and hang-ups.


You have a beautiful energy this year with Pluto and Jupiter in the 8th house, (your best friends) especially if you are about helping yourself, on an emotional level and working on yourself.

This is also a creative energy,  just as long as you keep it positive.

July and August will be a popular energy time for you. For some of you there will be a great energy for dealing with social media or the public.

For others love opportunities can happen in the month of July and in August. With love relationships, try to allow the other person their freedom. Some of you this year you may have to work on maintaining your relationship or at least understanding your partner better.


I think the universe giving you a break in 2016. You can’t rely on others; in fact other people may rely on you. But what doesn’t kill you will make you stronger.

You will be lucky in love and may find yourself in a serious relationship if you are single. If you are in a relationship, don’t worry, as this is a great time for love.

If you are over your current love relationship, don’t worry, there is someone coming up behind that person this year.

Your career is going to be better with more growth and for some, a bit of fame.