Marijuana Research # 4- Dimensions

marijuanaDolphins on Marijuana #4    1/12/15 11:53 AM

The dimensional angle to Marijuana

Themes: paranoia, the difference between marijuana, coca and cocaine, female vulnerability, Higgs Field, astral travel


Marijuana does gently take you into other dimensions. The issues that can arise of paranoia have to do with going too deep into other dimensions you are associated with, where you are not clean. The Law of Attraction applies and if you are not purified, if you are carrying a lot of emotional garbage from your past, you will freak out when you witness and live what part of you lives in those dimensions the marijuana can take you into.

It all goes back to your astral/emotional/desire energy body. It should not be going into dimensional “neighborhoods” that can be rough if that body has emotional issues. It is that simple.

Marijuana lifts veils between dimensions

The other dimensions are always there but the marijuana lifts the veils gently, not shoving you there as other hard drugs do.

Frances: Can you please compare what marijuana does to what cocaine does, to what chewing coca leaves does?

Cocaine as it is known here is a hard drug as in hard on the spirit of the person. If the person is used to astral traveling successfully to other dimensions AND other planets, the cocaine is not an issue. But there are few who can do that, as it requires a very evolved individual who understands what he is seeing.

When the individuals do the cocaine without that understanding, they get the high but also the accompanying rage, fear and destruction of protective fields, the Higgs Field.

That is the real issue, the destruction of the Higgs Field at the level or dimension that cocaine is capable of taking you to.

Note from Frances: Higgs Field is like the individuals ozone layer, it protects.

The Higgs Field made up of the God Particle exists even off planet, as it is a core part of the construction of reality and also the orderly process of reality.

The mind is separate from the Higgs Field and it is not controlled by the Higgs Field only to the extent the individual agrees to allow it to control them/their mind. In other words, individuals who chose to live on Planet Earth agreed spiritually to follow the Higgs Field structure. When the field breaks, it is due to ignorance, emotional distress etc.

The issue now on Planet Earth is the Higgs Field is being systematically destroyed by the excessive radiation particularly of microwave frequency. So the mind is not able to accomplish its mission because the order establish to support their intentions is being destroyed.

Frances: Back to Cocaine and its use?

You think we deviated but we did not; that freaking out when Cocaine is used, that look on the faces of cocaine users is what you will soon be witnessing in the children who are no longer protected from those dimensions because of the destruction of the Higgs Field.


Frances: why did God put cocaine on this Planet if it is not appropriate or wise to take it?

God did not concentrate the cocaine as in the hard drug. God placed it here in leaves, which when chewed, mix with saliva and slowly take the individual ONLY to dimensions where they carry the same vibration.

That is why when you first chew coca leaves, you don’t get much, unless you have done a lot of personal work and can gently be in those dimensions without freaking out.

The saliva is a huge component of the process of absorbing the coca gently. The mouth is an entry point for off planet beings and also connecting to off planet, so God gave humans saliva that helps to block entry of beings that should not be using the individuals mouth as an entry point. The saliva also acts as a lubricant to the   space travel to other planets, helping to buffer the shock of the beings that are there, (because that is their home).

Frances: I was told Coca is a male plant and Marijuana is a female plant? What does that mean?

Coca reinforces male energies of dominance and self-determination and it grows in areas of the world where the peoples are low in male energies and self-determination. What does this mean? It means that coca exists in those regions to help balance those individuals, the way marijuana is in other parts of the world that need to augment their female energies of compassion and patience and less individualistic behavior.

Ok, sounds right

Taking the male/female information further, coca lives in harsh places where the people need to be strong and determined or they will not survive. The coca helps sustain them so they can survive.

Marijuana grows in places where survival issues are pretty much taken care of but living communally   is not a practice or habit.

That means that upon entering the Age of Aquarius, marijuana will become more popular and cocaine less, as what is needed at this time on the planet is more compassion, more community and less self-determination and individuality.

Note from Frances: Coca gives strength, marijuana gives vulnerability. Yes, it is known in Buddhism that for a female to evolve, she needs to be willing to be vulnerable. At this time our society needs to honor and highlight its female energies, and marijuana should be able to help.

Frances: The father of modern medicine, Hippocrates, said to eat foods grown in your area to remain healthy, so that applies to what we call “recreational drugs”?

Absolutely, as just living where you are living gives you needs and vulnerabilities, which the local foods help to balance. So chewing coca in parts of the world that don’t grow it, really does not make sense just as smoking pot in parts of the world where it cannot grow does not work either.