Mayan sacrifices

Messages from the dolphins

Conversation between Frances and the dolphins about Mayan sacrifices


note: Frances  text is in blue

The Mayans. You want to know more about them.

 That is true…

Your contention that the Mayans simply shifted into another dimension is accurate. What you are not aware of is that they took with them many animals and other types of beings that do not exist today. Some of the depictions on their art that you assume are mythical, allegoric, are very, very real. The combination of humans and animals was perfected to an art during Mayan times.

 I am not sure I am so sold on the Mayans with their human sacrifices…

We know how you feel but you do not know the whole story. Again you think this document is interfered with…


Just keep going.


The Mayans had a hold on duality; they were able to keep peace amongst themselves by holding down the veil of duality. That veil is the veil that does not allow humans to see the wholeness in life. The Mayans were able to life the veil and then tack it down in the corner of the four elements so that their people could live a life of more wholeness. They learned how to bypass duality while living on planet Earth. That is a very big deal


The human sacrifices were to appease the Gods who would not normally allow these practices, the practice of living in wholeness. But there was a price to pay, a high price. The Gods demanded part of the population (29 percent) be put to death in an exaggerated way, through sacrifice. They were not allowed to commit suicide or die in an elegant way. It was required by the Gods that they die in trauma. Remember?

Yes, yes…that would give the Gods more robots to control on the astral planes…

That is correct…

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