Mental Yoga Peace Program document

12-14-2012 edition

Frances Fox

 Mental Yoga Peace Program

 Align with the Sacred Tree of Life in the stars

This is a very long document that has mantras etc to deal with life issues. It will help you to adjust to what Planet Earth is going through, a Galactic alignment that changes the rules of the game of life. We suggest you print it up and read it in pieces,

Kundalini Mental Yoga tools to align your Tree of Life chakra system to the Sacred Tree of Life in the stars

The Frances Fox Kundalini Mental Yoga can help you to achieve that alignment. And if you have problems in your life, apply the Frances Fox Mental Yoga Peace Program to strengthen your intentions.
We are a community of souls on Planet Earth and at the deepest level our enemies have helped us. At the deepest levels we are all holding hands, trying to shake off energies that are not ours but which influence us. Some of us are stronger and take on negative energies to protect the weaker ones.
It is time we all recognize we have an enemy, only it is not our fellow man, but outside forces we cannot see. This video may help to explain your relationship to good and evil:
Edited 12-14-2012

Frances Fox Mental Yoga Peace Program

A Program to Strengthen and Protect Your Intentionality

What blocks you from mastering your life? What can help you to achieve your intentions so that you end up exactly where you want? What is the role of your mind in this process we call creation? How do you keep a state of mind that ensures you are living as you intend? Today it is hard to imagine you can beat the overwhelming odds that appear to face you, yet great men throughout history have taught that your mind creates reality.
Frances Fox Mental Yoga Peace Program can help you to live in a state of mind of powerfully focused intentionality so that you can create the life you want. The program exercises help you to understand the role of your mind in creating your reality and strengthen your God given power of manifestation. The program recommends you pay attention to the quality of your environment as it influences your ability to stay clear and focused on your intentions.
The Mental Yoga Peace Program can be applied to mental, spiritual, emotional and even physical issues such as disease. Psychoneuroimmunology, a branch of medicine, established over 40 years ago that stress and emotions can cause disease revealing that emotions and immunology are interdependent. The exercises in the program are effective at purifying emotions and thoughts that can be a preamble to disease. Kindly continue with the supervision of a medical doctor if you are ill, in addition to this program.
The definition of the word PEACE means an undisturbed state of mind, which is what you need to achieve your intentions. That state of mind is called EKAGRATA and is defined as “single pointed focus” which is the state of mind we call being in the zone. Miracles can occur when we are in that state of mind of single pointed focus. Unfortunately it is the opposite of the state of mind we value today, the multi-tasking state of mind.

Your Mind, Your Tree of Life

Your Tool for Creation

The Frances Fox Mental Yoga Peace Program is a set of mental exercises that purify and align you with your intentions. There are five exercises plus several recommendations:
– Two of the mental exercises are point specific mantras, powerful techniques that purify and align you with your intentions.
– The third mantra is the OM mantra that energizes your intentional body.
– A powerful visualization will astound you in its capacity to give life to the images and intentions you choose
– A mudra, which is a positioning of the hands and fingers to achieve a specific state of mind, helps ground your intentions.

Understanding the Structure

of Your Mind

The human mind is a two-layered system of energetic channels that your consciousness flows through, with the operational word being “flow”. It has a central channel that is traditionally called the causal energy body. We will refer to it as your intentional energy body, which is where your intentions are held. It is shaped like a double terminated funnel that overlays your spine.
The second part of your mind is your mental energy body. It is a system of 72,000 microfilaments called mindstreams that extend from the intentional body. Together this mental body system of 72,000 mind-streams and its trunk, the intentional body, form the basis for the symbolism of the Tree of Life. Your intentional/causal body is the center axis of not only your mind but also your life. It is here that reality is created.

Aligning your Tree of Life With the

Galactic Tree of Life

At this time in human history, your individual Tree of Life is now aligning with the Galactic Tree of Life. This alignment does one of two things: it enables your mind to have such strength of intentions that you can create almost magically or it can create a chaotic mind. Good habits and the use of the Frances  Mental Yoga can align you with the Galactic Tree of Life with a powerful strengthening of your intentions

Mental Yoga

Peace Program

 with the Purification Mantra

The Purification Mantra works like a vacuum cleaner, purifying your mind of negative images, emotions, thoughts, old traumas and patterns called vasanas, which have a magnetic quality. These vasanas activate the Law of Attraction drawing to you more of the same. The words of the mantra should address the state of mind you want to eradicate.

Even though I am afraid (or lonely, angry, depressed, etc.)

I love and accept myself

Repeat this mantra silently and with rhythmic breath at least 25 times a day


 with the Intention Mantra

The Intention Mantra aligns you with your intention by reorganizing the congestions in your mind, creating the state of mind called being in the zone. The words of the Intention Mantra are specific to what you intend:

Please God help me with my intention to be happy (or prosperous, or to find a nice home, or to have a good wife/husband. etc.)

Repeat this mantra silently and with rhythmic breath at least 25 times a day


 by Energizing Thoughtforms and Images

We create reality by first creating what is called a thoughtform. A thoughtform is a thought with an image. As the mind pays attention to and breathes into this thoughform, it moves from the subtler dimensions until it reaches the heaviest dimension, the physical dimension and it is then called reality.

Visualizations work because they focus your attention on your predetermined images, converting them into thoughtforms and then energizing them with your focused attention and breath till they become a manifested reality.

Energizing Thoughtform Visualizations

In your mind construct a complex “picture” of what your fulfilled intention looks like to you. Create a picture of the success you want, as if it had already happened. Add as many elements based on reality as possible, including clothing you have in your closet. Add sensory elements such as smells, touch, and sounds. Spend several minutes a day visualizing and energizing this thoughtform with focused intention and breath. Do the visualization of this thoughtform silently, with rhythmic breath. If your mind wanders during the visualization, do the Intention Mantra to regain your focus.

The Apana Mudra

Mudras are positions of the hands and fingers that create an intended state of mind. Often when we desire something it stays on the mental dimension, never becoming a reality. When we are overly mental it is hard to bring these dreams into reality. The Apana Mudra grounds your mind by connecting it with the physical dimension, infusing “life” into your dreams, turning them into intentions so they can manifest as realities. To do the Aprana Mudra touch the tips of your thumb, middle and ring fingers together, and then extend index and little fingers and when possible, rest the back of your hands on your thighs. You can do the Apana Mudra when you are walking or sitting.

OM Mantra

The sound of OM (also pronounced AUM) opens and energizes your intentional channel. Try and do the OM Mantra as often and as long as you can during your day.

Tips for efficient use of the exercises

Your mind has bad habits. It will tend to “forget” to do the exercises.
We recommend:

  • – Prayer beads or a rosary anchors your intention to do the mantras, by keeping your awake on the physical dimension so your mind will wander less.
  • – Use post notes to remind you to do the program.
  • – Doing the program in a natural setting augments the power of the exercises.

Influences On Your Mind

Astrological Influences

Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine has been quoted as saying: “He who does not understand astrology is not a doctor but a fool”. The influences of the energy that the planets transfer to you should not be underestimated in regard to physical health and states of mind.  It is well established that the moon has tremendous influences on the mind and so do other planets. Incorporating astrological knowledge into your life is an assist in understanding and gaining control over your intentionality.

 Bad Habits That Influence Your Intentionality

  • Compulsive thoughts
  • Feeding your mind negative images from TV, magazines, or your computer
  • Negative conversations.
  • Multi tasking weakens your mind by dividing your focus.
  • Communication multitasking: speaking on the phone while driving, working, and/or exercising, etc.
  • Multi tasking on computers by having multiple windows open or working on the computer while driving, eating, talking, etc.
  • Repressing emotions congest the mind and block flow
  • Physical exhaustion weakens the mind
  • Repetitive activities, mental or otherwise, cause your mind to become robotic.
  • Addiction to: TV, computer, Internet, phone, text messaging
  • Jarring sounds weaken your mind

Environmental influences

 on your intentionality

Your mindstreams feed off of your environment, whether it is your home, office or places you spend your leisure time. Your environment can support or detract from your ability to stay focused and fully intended. We suggest you choose wisely where you work, live and play. We recommend you purify your spaces daily to prevent an energetic plague from weakening your intentionality.

Toxic Environments Debilitate Your Intentionality

A strong mind requires a healthy environment. Your environment should not be intoxicated with chemicals, radiations or congestions of emotions, thoughts or even spirits. We offer these suggestions about your environment knowing that there are many more types of “sick” environments.

Haunted Environments Debilitate your Intentionality

The quality of your environment needs to be harmonious to support your intentions. Lost spirits and ghosts are particularly toxic to your mind. Systematic purification of your environment is an important component of protecting and strengthening your intentionality.

Transference of Bad Energy

Monitor where you take your mind. Protect your mind from transference of bad energy by consciously choosing where you go, and whom you are with. The transference of bad energy from others is a very real issue and often debilitates your ability to stay focused and fully intended.

Issues of Electrosmog, Electroaddiction and Electrofog

There is today a new, silent enemy to your intentionality and it is called electroaddiction, an addiction to the vibration of electromagnetic radiation, which has created a toxic environment called electrosmog. Both are due to excess electromagnetic radiation overwhelming your mindstreams, literally frying them, creating a new state of mind identified as electrofog. Memory loss, confusion, diminished judgment and an inability to stay focused are some of the symptoms of electrofog, which interfere with your intentionality.

Electro Hypersensitivity

It is possible that electromagnetic radiation is the biggest issue today in regards to your intentionality. Protect yourself from the issues of electrohupersensitivity, electrosmog, electroaddiction and electrofog issues by monitoring and controlling the amount of time you spend on wireless devices and in places that are not natural. Try to eliminate as much electromagnetic radiation, particularly microwave technology in your life, as possible. will map out for you how many cell phone towers and antenna are near you.

  • Go back to wired internet, etc. If unable to do that then turn off your wireless routers at night and when not in use.
  • Don’t sleep with a cell phone, wireless router, electric blankets, and electric heating pads or with electric clock radios or cordless phones near your head or body.
  • Use a corded landline telephone instead of a cordless one
  • Forward your cell phone calls to a corded landline when you are at home or at your office and turn of the cell phone
  • Wire your laptop computer
  • Electromagnetic radiation will ground with metals so watch out for metal in your mattresses, jewelry, dental work, or on clothing, bras, and furniture.
  • Eliminate fluorescent, which emits
  • Limit your time on computer devices or any electrical devices.

Being Fried in an Electromagnetic Field:

The in-between Issue

Being in between electrical devices creates an electromagnetic field, which can debilitate and burn your mindstreams. Map out all the electrical and microwave driven devices that surround you. Make sure you are not sitting, sleeping nor spending a lot of time in-between devices, which would mean you, are spending time being “fried” by an electromagnetic field. Add up the many different ways you can find yourself in-between two electronic devices today and you can begin to see the extent of toxicity that is rapidly influencing not only health but also intentionality.

Medicine for your mind:

Animals and Nature

Animal Influence for Your Mind

The indigenous and ancient civilizations used animal energies to reinforce their intentions. If you need a reinforcement of a particular characteristic, for example, powerful thrust and strength, then allow the panther to influence you by looking at and breathing in the energy of a photo of a panther. You can choose a dog to strengthen you intention. You can have a dog to strengthen your intention to have companionship, whether it be a mate or simply good company. Viewing and interacting with animals also relaxes the mindstreams, unraveling them so they can energize your intentions rather than being knotted up due to stress.

Nature and the Four Elements

Your 72,000 mindstreams use the four elements of air, water, earth and fire as building blocks to create your reality. Living in a more natural setting with helps to ensure. Today too many people are deficient in one or more of the elements, thereby weakening their minds.

“Gas up” on the four elements with contact with the nature. Bring the four elements into your spaces with plants, essential oils for grounding your mind, flower essence sprays to purify your mind of negative emotions.


 KUNDALINI Mental Yoga

Aligns You with the

Mayan Tree of Life

Note from Frances: It is my thought that as you gain control of your innermost consciousness through this Mental Yoga, you will achieve energetic stability in the midst of the chaos that has been predicted and be in charge of your ascension process at a conscious level.

 What is Kundalini?

Kundalini is a connection of the Earth to God. It is like an expressway, a very specific path with no detours. You cannot change the path of the Kundalini expressway to what you are ready for. If you are not ready or are blocked in your ascension process, your Kundalini Rising experience, then you either back up or take another road, which is not this direct pathway to God. Most people cannot push through because they do not have the tools to manage the process of Kundalini Rising.

Frances Fox Kundalini Mental Yoga is to train your consciousness to voluntarily work through the blocks to your Kundalini Rising and your conscious union with God.

 What is the quality of your consciousness?
Most humans have a quality of consciousness related to these animals or concepts:

  • Dolphin
  • Whale
  • Eagle
  • Angel
  • Cyborg

There are other types, which we are not familiar with. Instinctively choose which consciousness feels “right” for you and use it in this exercise.

Both positions indicated in this mental yoga are part of the process of opening up your central channel so that your Kundalini can rise more easily. If you are too stiff to do he body positions as suggested, then just sit on the floor. If you cannot do that, then sit in a chair and follow the rest of the instructions.

As you do the Kundalini Mental Yoga you will realize which chakras are most in need of purification and alignment. If there is a mantra associated with those chakras, we suggest you do the mantras throughout the day without having to do the entire exercise.


Start with chakra one at the bottom which is in-between your  genitalia and  your anus. Sitting on the floor with legs crossed use position   both   hands as indicated in the photo.

Visualize the secret doorway called the Brahmahvara, a portal to the underworld, 2 inches below your root chakra. Visualize yourself shutting the door to that portal to the underworld as you silently chant these words:


I am powerful and can block the entrance to my being simply by wanting it, visualizing it and feeling it.

You need to do this visualization for 2 minutes, no more and no less.


Move up to your first chakra, your root that is in between your anus and your genitalia. Visualize yourself seated on a white lotus flower with big fat petals that extend up to your knees.

Silently chant these words for 5 minutes:

I am protected from unwilling beings that would invade me. I am allowed to protect myself because I have chosen to be one with God.


Move mentally up to the second chakra, which is two inches below your bellybutton, front and back. Change from a sitting position to a keeling position. Put your hands in the Apana Mudra shown below, to stabilize your system.

Visualize rays of orange light entering your sexual chakra from above. Notice that the rays are strong, and feel and look like they are coming from someplace specific, filling your second chakra, and not only leading into your second chakra but also leading out of it.

Visualize yourself lifting a flat silver plate up and out of the top of your second chakra, literally throw it. The implant is an implant to block your process of Kundalini Rising. Repeat this mantra as you do the visualization:


You do not have my permission to invade my sacred space.

Do this part of the second chakra exercise several times, until you feel you finished. Some people will take several minutes; others may do it 6 times and feel they completed this part of the yoga.


Now take your mind to 6 inches above your belly button. Imagine the color yellow washing over this spot. Imagine that there are dolphins (or the symbol you choose) swimming in the yellow water, lifting their heads out of the water and then diving back into the water.

Pay close attention to how hard it is or easy to keep the water flowing. If you have a hard time keeping the water flowing you probably have a hard time properly digesting food.

As you do this exercise and achieve the goal of getting the yellow water to flow, you will find your digestion improves.

There is no mantra nor mudra associated with this part of the Fox Spiritual Yoga. If you feel a need to do something with your hands then continue with the Apana Mudra.



Find a dolphin (or your symbol) that is swimming in the yellow water and imagine it rising up into your heart chakra in the center of your chest. Imagine the side of its head pressed against your chest. Then imagine you are using your right hand to caress the dolphin’s head and neck. Do this mantra as you caress the dolphin:


Please God help me with my intention to open my heart to all.

Do this part of the Mental Yoga for 2-3 minutes. When you finish, yawn, and yawn and yawn. If you find you cannot yawn, then know that your heart chakra is still closed. Go back and caress the dolphin until you can yawn. If you are struggling to yawn, then go to the next step, knowing your heart chakra is closed. That means your connection to God is blocked and you will struggle with all your projects, the people around you and your ascension/consciousness expansion process will be painful.

Just keep going back to imagining the dolphin against your chest throughout the day and keep caressing that dolphin until your heart chakra opens and you can yawn. That will mean you have opened a secret channel to God that will help lubricate your spiritual process.



Move the Dolphin up to your throat, the part under your chin that sticks out the most.  Visualize the Dolphins’ head looking straightforward. You may find that you perceive that the dolphin is twisting and turning every which way. If that is the case then you are experiencing a spontaneous healing and an unraveling of your throat mindstreams (psychic veins). Allow this process to continue until you feel it has finished.

Then flood your throat chakra areas from the top of the nose to the top of your chest with the color blue. Mentally move that color blue throughout those areas. You will find certain parts of your face and neck are hard to imagine or see with the color blue. That means that part of you is not being energized by the energy center that governs it, which is the throat chakra. Pay more attention, taking the time and attention necessary to move the color blue into those areas. You need to be the judge of how long you should continue to flood the areas with the color blue. If you get tired, then stop and go on to number 7.


Find the Dolphin facing forward and have its face pointed up and moving straight up in between your two eyes. With this visualization you may find that area is so blocked the Dolphin is prevented from moving up into the forehead area. If that is the case, then do this mantra silently and with rhythmic breath:


Even though I am afraid of being a master

I love and accept myself.

Chant this silently unless you actually “feel” the dolphins moving up to the forehead.

If you are not able to get the dolphin to move up to the forehead after several minutes, then you are not ready to access your wisdom. Be OK with that for now, promising yourself that you will soon be willing to be all knowing.

If you do get the Dolphin to move up to the forehead, then allow it to swim counterclockwise for several seconds or several minutes, whatever happens naturally.

You may feel the top of your head opening up and receiving and sending out lots of light. Now you are ready to move your own Kundalini energy from your second chakra out of the top of your head.



Take your awareness down to your second chakra 2 inches below your belly button. Visualize it flooding with the color orange. Silently chant this mantra while you visualize the dolphin swimming up into the  stream of orange light.

Please God help me with my intention to unite with you again.

Do not become afraid if you have an intense spiritual experience that can even include the sensation of orgasm. Stay silent for at least several minutes and later share the experience if you feel so inclined.

Additional Protection from Spirits

Note that there is a strong emphasis on protection from different spirits in the beginning of the exercise.  It is a confirmation of what I have always found, which is that humans are heavily attacked and invaded by invisible forces with focused intentions. The process of  Kundalini Rising needs to be protected and you need to be protected.

We recommend you read this article on a Talisman for Protection to further understand why it is so important to protect those portals into your aura:

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