Miami Karma


The future is elastic and plastic but this is where Miami is   headed now…

Listen to what the animals and nature have to say about the energies of  Miami today

Messages for Miami, Florida September 7th, 2013

Everything has consciousness and an intention. God placed nature and the animal to help human evolve. They have intentions and also opinions, which we should listen to. Shamans have always looked to the elements and animals for extra information when faced with a problem or looking to make a decision. If this information resonates with your instinctive knowing, then prepare for the worst and be grateful if nothing happens because the future is elastic and plastic and prophesy is to let you know the path you are on so you can get out of harms way.

Purification via the elements/natural catastrophes

Traditionally Mother Earth has helped human evolution via natural catastrophes which are purifications of fire, water, earth and air. (The fire purification is simple, a fire as the fires in California. Earth is via earthquakes and also sinkholes. Water is rainfall, tsunamis and flooding. Wind is wind, hurricanes, and tornadoes…)

Viewing Miami through a shamans lens, I could see there is an accumulation of energies that  is destroying the protecting energies Miami used to have. The emotional congestion of frustration/rage/violence and the lack of protection makes  Miami vulnerable to a purification via natural catastrophes in order to prevent riots and bloodshed. 

Either way, unless there is a change, Miami is aligned with a violent purification. After seeking the information about what the Planets are sending Miami (astrological influences)  I asked my friends, animals and nature. And then I asked the land about the different parts of Miami.

Opalaka, Florida

 There have been decades in which Opalaka could be counted on to keep the energies of business moving at a nice pace, regardless. But now is a time when old energies of resentment and frustrations will break through whether it is due to excess heat from temperatures or excess fire from solar flares/winds. There could be cracks in the earth due to Mother Nature’s inability to absorb more human injustices.


Liberty City

 Liberty City has too many empty buildings and homes that are refuge for haunting spirits full of rage. The flow of liquor will lubricate the desire to kill during the time between the eclipses in October 2012.


Coconut Grove

 A city of contrasts, Coconut Grove will not survive the strife that the eclipses will push to a breaking point.



 Brickell is due for purification. The number of cell phone towers, cell phones antennae, the cutting down of natural barriers to the forces of the elements, and the building blocking the flow of the elements are a combination that will not survive any type of catastrophe.


Downtown Miami

 Downtown Miami is sitting on top of a time bomb. The revelations of fraud and treachery in the government have broken any protection Miami had to invading spirits. There are too many people protecting too many lies and not grounding the truth. The washout of these lies, whether due to human violence or a natural purification via natural catastrophes will be total.



 Hialeah will continue its march towards an orderly life, Hialeah has maintained the human connections due to the influence of Cubans who were not part of the power structure of Miami and continue to value community versus individual accumulation of power.


Coral Gables

 Coral Gables is lucky to have preserved its natural setting as that has “cooled” the excess of fire that is what may be unleashed in Miami.


Horse (the animal)

 We need to seek your understanding that moving from where you live in Miami may be necessary even though you are tough enough to go through the hard times. Be wise is choosing whether to leave or to stay if it appears to be dangerous to stay.


Grackle (the bird)

 We left, as you should, if the emotions that are congesting Miami are not cleared and purified. Even if the city does not clear, ensure that your home and where you do business is purified daily so that the violence does not play out there. If you purify, those people who are full of violent energy will fall under the influence of the Law of Attraction and will no longer be part of your environment and life.

 Remember that energy transfers, so make wise choices in who you associate with and who you invite into your home.


Fruits have consciousness and intentions too!

 Pineapple (the fruit)

 We are a fruit that is limited in season. We bring the energy of gratitude for the good times and acceptance when the good times are over and difficult times begin. We have a rough exterior with a juicy, sweet interior surrounding a strong center core. That is how you need to be the next two years beginning October 16th, 2012.


Peach (the fruit)

 We bring the energy of softness and the need to be handled gently. Apply this wisdom to those who will have less than you so as not to trigger their jealousies.


As a shaman and psychic, I sensed that Miami was  weak  so I consulted an astrologer about a potentially damaging hurricane.   Miami’s astrological chart indicates this  weakness and a potential   social breakdown  in between the 2  eclipses of October 18 and November 3, 2013

 October 18, 25° Aries 51′, Penumbral Lunar Eclipse
November 3, 11° Scorpio 16′, Total Solar Eclipse

I  now know Miami is very congested with  the energy of violence. A huge number of Grackle( the bird that  helps humans to handle emotional congestions), disappeared from  Miami this year. By April there were at least 50% less Grackle at Montys,  the corner of 37th avenue  and Bird Road SW, etc. And then we had the Zimmerman verdict.  That energy of violence, whatever it is due to, is so strong it is breaking down the natural protection Miami used to have. These eclipses may reveal how weak we really are.


Note: I am developing a Miami Peace Program of mantras and mudras to process this energy. The emotion of violence and rage, which is excessive fire element, can also be processed naturally and the easiest way is via mantras. Please email if you want a copy when it is ready at frances@ or READ MORE ON HOW TO RELEASE THE CONGESTION:






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