Mexico: Mental Yoga program for depression, fear, murderous rage


Mental Yoga Exercises

PAC Program for Mexico


Many Mayan souls have chosen to reincarnate in Mexico to help the transition into the Golden Age. It was prophesied that it would be difficult and it is. Mayan souls and Mexico are absorbing a wave of planetary negativity that is leading to chaos. This negativity is an energetic plague called a miasm and even those who are not involved can drown in it.

God did leave us tools to help us through these end times. We can create a wave of healing if we use the tools of prayer and visualization, together. We suggest these mantras and visualization.

PAC Program for Mexico Violence

1. Purify Mexico with the Purification Mantra

Even though we are afraid, I love and accept myself.

Please repeat this mantra dozens of times a day, breathing silently into the center of your    chest, your heart chakra

2. Align Mexico with the intention to heal with the Intention   Mantra

Please God help us with our intention to protect and heal Mexico.

Please repeat at least 25 times a day, breathing silently into the center of your chest, your heart chakra

3. Create a stable Mexico with the Imaging Success Visualization: Visualize Mexico serene and prosperous.

Tips: Do these mental exercises all day and encourage all those around you to tap into a universal mindset at 10 PM every day to create a wave of healing energy for Mexico. Build a community of souls who are in and out of Mexico, to mantra and visualize together. Remember that we chose to incarnate in these difficult times to help the transition. May we do it like the Mayans, gracefully.

Protect Your Environment of Energetic Plagues

Purify your environment daily with music, flowers and essential oils.  Purify your aura with flower essences and tub baths with Epson Salts.

Consider only using wired computers and telephones because the microwave radiation from all wireless devices open holes called portals to other dimensions, allowing spirits access to your home and your mind.