Panic Attacks, Fall of the ….Empire


 Frances Speaks With Dolphins
May 9, 2006
fall of roman empire

The Fall of the Roman Empire and Panic Attacks




Frances: I want to continue about the panic attacks. You said

that panic attacks are when people are fighting off entities that

want to attach or invade. It sounds right, but it is still

frightening and exhausting. What can be done, is there an

efficient way to finish with the issue of panic attacks?


 Dolphins: Good question but we were going to tell you the information anyway. You are too controlling. You think we don’t know what you need, but we do. We really do know more than you do what it is that people need to know.

You think that we deviated our attention with the document on panic attacks and immigration. We were trying to get you to see what is happening in this country, why in this country people are less clear and more panicky.  Do you not see how a Miasm is being created by the fear your government is instilling in people? Do you see how people would feel more panicky when they shares spaces with immigrants who do not know if they are going to land in jail in the next 15 minutes?

Do you see that you are doing what you did ten years ago, which is to try and control the information because you believe that we are not paying attention to your needs?


Frances: I hear you, you are right…I am listening

Dolphins: Listen, just listen…don’t talk so much.

Frances: Ok

Dolphins: Panic attacks were part of the reason Rome went down. The drinking and cavorting and sexual orgies were used to try and entertain a Rome that was mentally breaking down. The people were not happy, so the government used orgies, liquor and the games that were played in the coliseum to deviate the attention of the people from their internal misery. That will be happening soon in this country.

Watch the media and see what is being promoted in the next 6 months to entertain people. See how it matches what the Romans did. The Romans enjoyed seeing lions eat people; they enjoyed seeing men kill each other. Watch the modern day version of this and smell the smell of defeat that has fallen on this country.

Written May 9, 2006