Prophecy is a gift

“According to the Hopi Prophecy we are in the latter days of The Time of Purification.”  

John Kimmey, Prophets Conference

Baptism or tsunami?

Natural disasters are purification. Baptism in water is purification. Spirit release therapy is purification. Flower essence therapy is purification. Fruit therapy is purification. A liver detox is purification. Many different types of purification are available and when we do not actively choose to purify, then nature may do it for us.

The Dolphins said that for the first time in history our individual reality would be separate from the collective reality. Those who purify, because most of us cannot be described as “pure”, may not need to go through the natural disasters.

Regardless of what we believe in, it is obvious that the prophecies are coming true. The sad part is that a prophecy is to forewarn that the path you are on will take you to a particular place or situation. It is the future set in place now because of the path you are on.

Prophecy is a gift of advance knowledge of the future so that if you do not like the future, you can make changes. It is not a death sentence nor does it set in concrete the future.

What are you going to do to create your individualized future that is separate from what we are witnessing today and what was foretold thousands of years ago?