Prosperity Protocol for Sales Staff



 Prosperity Mantra to Augment

Prosperity Vibe

Please repeat this mantra in silence and with rhythmic breath 25 times a day:

Please God help us with our intention to be prosperous now


Note:  Today we live in a very different world, overwhelmed by  electronics, generating   new issues that have yet to be identified by “establishment” and science as factors in your business life. These suggestions are based on innovative research of current factors  influencing your ability to be happy and also prosperous.

1. Do not sleep with cell phone next to head or under pillow or closer than 10 feet away. That also applies to cordless phones. We discovered in my last session with several sales staff, that habit was the number one block to higher sales for the individual. It is now documented by science that the radiation from cell phones increases your chances for depression.

2. Do not put your cell phone between your legs when driving, as its radiation will damage your root chakra. The root chakra is known to be the center most responsible for prosperity.

 3. Do not recycle negative conversations, whether they are about difficult customers or another employee. That leaves an energetic “garbage” that can influence your sales.

4. Tap your crown chakra, the top of your head if you feel unlucky, depressed or negative about a customer or a sale. This helps to stimulate the energy of luck and creating a positive outcome, whether it is a sale, a conversation or a fitting appointment.

5. Remember to purify your spaces (store, dressing room, stock room) daily, to purify and protect your mood and mental clarity. You can purify with products and mantras.

6. Mucha conga, dancing  around the store, or any dance or music or smells or conversations that make people happy        frances@