Mel Gibson: Whatever possessed him?

The answer is:

Spirit Possession


You have seen it in the news. Mel Gibson, the man we all loved, showed again a side of him that is downright ugly. How can that be? How can we love a man who is so violent? The answer is simple and is the same answer to the age-old question: how could he do it? We ask that question anytime a man or woman does something so incompatible to the person we know them to be, that we ask,“how could he/she do it?”

The answer is spirit possession and I wrote an article on the Mel Gibson spirit possession issue on September 11, 2006.  Four years later it is obvious Mel Gibson never had spirit release with a therapist or a shaman. If he had, the Mel Gibson we know would never had said those words nor hit that woman. By the way, this is the same issue we see with a sweet autistic child whose face changes when he has a violent tantrum.

Mel Gibson has a possession issue, but it is not drugs, it’s a spirit

Mel Gibson has possession issues. No, the police have not caught him with drugs. He was caught driving while drinking and released a mouthful of anti-Semitic comments he now wishes he had not spoken.

Yes, we know people do things when they are drunk or on drugs. We know they act in ways they would not normally, and we believe that the ways that they behave are really a part of them that is revealed while under the influence.
It is true that alcohol and drug related behavior reveal a lot about the person, but not who they really are, as we think. Alcohol, drugs, electroaddiction (addiction to electronic devices) and also sugar, create a state of disassociation in people that allows spirits to take over. These spirits that take over are not your typical spirit guides; these that take over are not good “spirits”. Their agenda is to destroy the person’s life in any way they can. And often they do destroy the person with one incident while in control of the person’s behavior.

Spirit Driven Behavior

When a person drinks, does drugs, or otherwise disassociates from their body, the spirit takes over, and possesses the body to perform its dirty deeds. When the influence of the substance is gone, the person “wakes” up inside his body again, left to face the trail of problems the spirit left. That is the type of possession issue that Mel Gibson has. And that is the only type of possession issue that is truly important. Because that issue is what allows people to drink, do drugs, fall into massive depressions and in that state, do things that they would never do otherwise. Below is a statement about spirit driven behavior from my website:

Spirit Driven Behavior: Why good people do bad things

When a negative, traumatized spirit is inside your aura, attached to your assemblage, it can take over control of your physical vehicle when you are drunk and pick a fight with a police officer. You would never have done that, you are not so stupid, but that spirit attachment hates authority and does not have to pay the consequences of what it does while it is in control of your physical body. The “you” that wakes up from the drunken stupor, the “you” that is now in control of your physical body does the paying. And “you” may not even remember the incident.

Broken Aura Allows Spirit Attachment, Possession

You can only have a spirit possession or spirit attachment if your aura is broken. That break allows the spirit to be in you or near you. Then you disassociate enough from your physical body through drink or drugs or sugar, and the spirit is now able to take over possession of your physical body.

The next time you see someone do something that is stupid or crazy, something that is contrary to who they are or how they usually behave, know that you are looking at spirit driven behavior caused by an attached spirit or a possessing spirit. And know that the person had some trauma earlier in life that broke their aura enough to allow the spirits to stick close by. Then you will be able to have compassion and not judgment. Then you will say, “what a shame, I wonder what happened to him that a spirit was able to take over?”

How about you? Ever lost control and done things that landed you in trouble and you don’t even remember doing the “Dirty Deed”? This gives new meaning to expressions like, “sorry I didn’t mean to” or “I just wasn’t myself.”