Psychic Abilities – The Power of Our Mind to Create a Negative Reality Psychic Abilities – The Power of Our Mind to Create a Negative Reality

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We create our reality. I know this to be true but am still astounded when I witness how easy it is to create a negative reality.
A client called. She could not sleep because of obsessive worrying about her daughter who had just moved into a lovely ocean front apartment. Apparently her life was in order, her children well, her daughter’s job well paying and secure and her husband happy. Yet this mother could not erase from her mind images of her daughter throwing herself off the balcony of her new apartment. She confessed that she thought she might be hiding something from her: perhaps she did not really have the money to pay for the new apartment..?
She asked me to check to see if her daughter was considering suicide, and if not, why she would have such awful thoughts. I checked and the information was most interesting.
Creating a thought form with obsessive thoughts
I checked with my psychic abilities and saw that the daughter was fine, and not considering suicide. But….there was a historical residue in the new apartment left behind by the previous occupants. Apparently the previous owners had gone bankrupt in their family business. Their marriage was in shambles because the wife caught the husband with another woman. And the wife was very depressed. She often “thought” of suicide as a way out of the mess. She never attempted suicide, but had thought often enough of jumping off the balcony, that the compulsive thoughts created thought forms that remained in the other dimensions of the apartment.
You can be influenced by left over thought forms
Most people would not be in contact, consciously, of these other dimensional “thoughts”. But they would be influenced by it. And if the current occupants had reasons to be massively depressed, they would have hooked onto these “thoughts”. They would have an energetic resonance with those thoughts.
The client was reassured and begged me to get those “thoughts” (historical residue) out of her child’s apartment. She did not want to take a chance. As usual, we used the Flores de Isis collection of sprays and the Flores de Isis Tibetan Sacred Temple Music CD to clear the home. I also asked her to do the mantra “Please God help me with my intention to heal my daughter’s apartment” 50 times a day for several weeks. Within two weeks, the apartment was clear of the old mental thoughts and images of the previous occupants.
What is the point?
The point is that if anyone in that household had a tendency towards suicidal thoughts, they would be vulnerable to that energy, without knowing that the thoughts were not their own. The push towards suicide would be augmented dramatically. And if the mother worried compulsively, those worries would augment the energy and thought of suicide, increasing the power of the thought form and then the reality of a suicide by jumping off the balcony. Her worries would generate negative astral particles and negative thoughts that would stick to the original thoughts and thought form, giving them more power. And the “reality” of a suicide would be dramatically increased. I am sorry to inform you that that is how “reality” is created.


Please see the movie “What the Bleep” on creating reality.
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