Puerto Rico 2013 Invasion of Spiritual Virus

Spiritual Virus (Miasm) in Puerto Rico

Dolphins Wisdom Revealed to Frances

November 4, 2013

Please tell me about the miasm in Puerto Rico, the one near Mayaquez and the one in San Juan

The huge Miasm that entered the air space above Puerto Rico is now firmly entrenched in the minds of those who live there. It is no longer visible as a cloud but has attached to the auras of the individuals, manifesting as depression, lethargy, lack of faith and hope and fear of the future.

The Miasm near Mayaquez is due what is happened in the ocean there, the dredging is opening up the Brahmahvara (doorway to hell according to Hinduism) and drawing to that area the energies that were buried there from eons ago.

Those energies were of Atlantis but not the Golden Age of Atlantis but the time at the end. So it is the energy of endings because of the misuse of technology…. lots of experiments with off planet and subspace and none with any ethical guidelines.

The spiritual virus, the Miasm that I remote viewed on the southeastern part of Puerto Rico? What are the characteristics of that Miasm? What will it augment in the areas it is descending on?

Lack of trust, careful studying of opponents, inability to identify with others, fear of the unknown, a desire to succeed without knowing what you might achieve, competitiveness, interest in the unusual, the unknown, identifying others as separate, lack of community, imposition of authority, secrecy, all the characteristics aligned with the work done in the deep waters.

The issue of separateness is repeated frequently when people talk about Puerto Rico. Why is it so huge an issue?

Puerto Rico is one of the few places on Planet Earth where the Golden Age energies enter. The off planet forces are aware that if humans are awake and aware and hold hands on the issues confronting them now, the process of evolving and reuniting with God, they would achieve that goal rather easily. If humans expend their energies in lack of trust, paranoia, and isolation, it will be much harder to achieve that goal.

Any fragment of lack of trust is focused on and highlighted and there is an immediate introduction of those energies to augment that issue. More Miasms are sent with that energy…

I am having a hard time explaining Miasms

Why don’t you introduce the concept of spiritual virus? That is what a Miasm is, a spiritual virus that is the root of a problems on Planet Earth. The problem can be emotional, spiritual or physical. The Black Plague was a Miasm, the Sars virus is a Miasm, cancer is a virus….

Cancer is a virus?

Yes and easily removed from your reality.


Cancer is able to enter cells when the human has removed themselves, their consciousness from the cells. The removal of their consciousness has to do with denying that they are angry at something (rage) and that they are angry they cannot do anything to stop it (impotence). So they deny the anger by removing their consciousness from that part of the body that would hold that energy. And the Miasm, which is by now all over the world, is able to come in via the Law of Attraction.

What is a virus, according to you?

A virus is a type of programming of “cells” but not the cells of the human body but cells that are in the air. These cells move according to the Law of Attraction.

Who or what programs these air cells?

The souls that ruled the initiation of this planet, But they are no longer in charge. Many, many souls are now allowed entry into Planet Earth, which is what is making it so difficult to have harmony here. There are too many conflicting intentions from too many beings, and humans are being overwhelmed by them.

The important task is to stay focused on your personal evolution. The plan should be a routine and program that help stabilize daily life as you also institute a routine for your spiritual development.

Your Fox Protocols of Mantras and more is for the daily, mundane routines of life. Your Kundalini Mental Yoga is the routine for spiritual development. Fox Protocols for outer life, Kundalini Mental Yoga for inner development to align with the planetary process of returning to source.

Thanks a million, so nicely said…

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