Frustrated? Reduce your fire, reduce your frustration

Unorthodox ways to reduce the  excess fire element

in your bodies


Mantra to reduce frustrations and hate.

Repeat in silence  throughout your day and you will see an immediate relief from frustrations and also gain more clarity of thought:

Even though I am frustrated

I love and accept myself.

 June 28, 2018
Today’s excess fire starts with global warming and continues with radiation and then is the fuel for higher levels of frustration, anger, hatred and violence and killings.

  1. Scream hate in your car

Open car windows and scream while driving in areas where that action wont get you into trouble. Scream the words I HATE, continually with vigor and allow the hate to flow.
This processes a lot of the fire element inside your body and especially your throat chakra.

  1. Coconut Oil and CBD Oil

Make a combination of organic coconut oil and add 3 drops of a high strength CBD oil 500 mg or more. Massage it on your head, concentrating on the left side. Finish the massage by massaging the top of your head, the crown chakra, moving your fingers in a clockwise spiral, stimulating your crown chakra to rotate in the correct direction.

  1. Make a salt pillow

Fill a cotton sock with sea salt/Epson salt and tie the end.. Sleep with this salt pillow under your neck or the side of your head, wherever it feels good. You may find you move the pillow around during the night, adjusting to whatever energies are trying to invade during your sleep. Salt is of the earth element and spirits do not do well where the person is well grounded. Use a second sock which you can then wash as you do your pillow cases, to cover the sock full of salt

  1. Aloe Vera and Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

Combine 9 ounces of Aloe Vera gel or liquid with 1 ounce of food grade hydrogen peroxide and use it on your skin. This combination reduces the fire from all your fire radiating devices and hydrates. It is excellent as an anti aging product.
You can spray it on after showering so it protects you all day. Good for babies, children and adults.
Warning: it will whiten the hairs on your body so be careful with your hair as it will lighten it.

  1. Use nature to put out excess fire element in your body

Sit under a tree, lay on the ground, go to the beach, tub baths, salt scrubs, Visits to salt rooms

  1. Pita Tea from Maharishi Ayurveda is cooling and really works! It is a caffeine free herbal supplement that really works when you feel hot or eat hot foods.

Aromaterapia de CBD y Coconut:
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