An interview by GARY Herman, with FRANCES Fox.
GARY:            OK, the first question is which is the true millennium, was it last year or is it tonight?
FRANCES:      I actually don’t know when the true millennium is, and that’s an issue that everybody can debate.  I can tell you that this year has been a preparation for the year 2001.  For some type of beginning.  This year has been some type of, I guess you can call it a “clean up” act, not just for this lifetime, but for many lifetimes.  So I would say that we are having some sort of a new beginning, with a lot of us very cleaned up on January 1st of the year 2001.
GARY:            So it sounds like the year 2000 was a transition year.  That it’s not a light switch; it’s a transition
FRANCES:      It is almost like a light switch though because if you take into consideration the (inaudible) one year doesn’t mean much time at all so its almost like pulling a light switch, its very quick, it has not been a smooth transition, and that’s, I believe why a lot of people would describe the year 2000 as a bit of a mess and a little bit difficult
And what does the millennium mean?  What?  Does it mean there is going to be a big shift?
I don’t really go that much into what the millennium means, I generally go by the fact that according to the Bible and other sources, we are at the time of the Apocalypse, and I have looked up the word Apocalypse and according to the dictionary it means “to reveal” and of course we know it from the book of revelations.  I believe that what is happening is that things are being revealed to us and in the year 2000 what was revealed to us was what was in our subconscious.  It started on January 1st of 2000, December of ’99 I did a business read and I was told or perceived that every month of the year 2000 a veil in our mind would be lifted.  Now that definitely falls under the definition of Apocalypse which is “to reveal”, because we have so much information in our subconscious that we are not privy to but yet we react to.  Our past lives, all of the traumas and things that we don’t care to deal with on a daily basis
GARY:            And when you say a veil will be lifted, what does that mean in terms of ….(inaudible)
FRANCES:      I believe there is some kind of boundary, or division or veil in our mind, psychologists would call it the “Limin”, which is the division between the conscious and the subconscious and I believe that every month some type of limin or veil has been lifted and I was starting to feel it in January, in the beginning of January of the year 2000, having a conversation with…dolphin contact? In the middle of the conversation, we had had conversations like this dozens of time, he and both realized that what we were saying to each other was worthless or useless because we both know that what we were agreeing on wasn’t going to happen, what we were agreeing on (?) we had done it dozens of times before and it had worked fine, but in January of 2000 we just looked at each other and knew that what we were……worthless.  It’s like a veil, that was revealed was revealing the truth behind our verbal exchange.
It’s like a veil that is revealing the truth.  I even documented it because I became aware, it was not just that I was aware, but he was aware also and as the months went by many of us were dealing with a lot of past life.issues and traumas that we bring into this lifetime and things that originated in childhood, particularly in the last part of the year I was able to detect what the issues were.  In October, around the middle of October we dealt with some kind of a veil or division that we had between ourselves and the opposite sex and many many people around me had a revelation about how they really felt about the opposite sex or their mate or their partner or the opposite sex in general.  There were a lot of encounters and there were a lot of astonishment, some people understood that they really loved their mates more than they had suspected and realized and other people understood how deeply they resented the opposite sex.  Something they had not been in contact with.  There were a lot of happenings in couples; it was a fascinating time.  A lot of interesting exchanges that normally would have been very painful, but when we compared notes it actually became rather funny.
GARY:            So the veils you are talking about, I understand that they separate this life from past lives.  But do we know how many veils there are?  Do we know what to expect?
FRANCES:      In December of 1999 I was told that there would be a veil lifting for every month of the year and that apparently has happened.  So I don’t know if there are further veils, we know that there are veils between the different dimensions that we live in, but I don’t have any more information than that in terms of numbers or….
GARY:            But it seems like we are moving toward greater insight, toward knowing more about our true selves?
FRANCES:      Absolutely, we are going to find out who we really are, and what we are finding is our personality, as we have been told forever in metaphysics is really our reaction and is not our true essence and in the unveiling of what is behind our consciousness we are finding what it is that we are reacting to and what we really feel what we really think all our cognitive misconceptions.
GARY:            Was there a veil involved with time?  ……..(inaudible)
FRANCES:      That is an interesting question, I had not thought of that, but something is definitely happening with time in the last weeks, the last week of December.  And I believe on the 23rd going into the 24th, the night of the 22nd going into the morning of the 23rd I think we lost about 2 hours worth of time.  Everybody that I knew, actually without exception got up 2 hours later than they would have normally and it was not a holiday.  We are talking about people who are very structured in their time, when they go to bed, time they get up.  I think we lost 2 hours.  And I believe we are losing more pieces of time.  We are finding that people are …I am finding people telling me stories, telling me, I am not sure that this happened or not, and I am not sure if it was a dream, or something that I thought about or something that actually happened.  So the veils are causing a lot of confusion and I think, and it s one of the reasons that we are doing this report that if you don’t have this information, a lot of people kind of think they are kind of losing it, losing a grip on reality and that is the truth because they are losing a grip on the physical reality because they are accepting more of the non-physical, spiritual, other dimensional parts of themselves that are parts of their consciousness.
GARY:            So as we are moving towards knowing ourselves better, having more awareness, what do you think is coming up?  Are we moving towards more balance or towards kind of a breakdown of the system?
FRANCES:      the system is definitely breaking down because the system operates with one personality dealing with another personality, I think our ………. the final results will be very interesting for a lot of us is going to be very beautiful and is already starting to be very beautiful.  A lot of us have found out that we are really much nicer people than we thought we were.
A lot of people with very difficult personalities are finding out that they are much more loving and caring and kinder and softer than they thought and a lot of people who had what I call the perennial “Ms. Goody Two shoes” smile on their faces are finding out that they are really repressing a lot of anger.  Those people are going through really hard times because they are finding that they were living a lie.  That everything is not OK with them…. they don’t quite know what to do…….?
So I think it will be very different and I laughingly say that a lot of us that have strong ET background…..
 GARY:            That’s describing a personal level how about going to a larger level, what do you see happening as we go through this greater knowledge of ourselves, greater knowledge of what is happening, through our past lives, through the totality of who each of us is…..?
 FRANCES:      I believe that at the same time the veils are lifting there are waves of energy entering the planet that are very unusual, I think the grid around the planet is broken
GARY:            What is the grid?


FRANCES:      Everything that has some type of form is based on a grid, which’s where the matrix comes from.  And I don’t have a lot of information about that but I believe that the grid is broken in several places I don’t know if it repairs again and things calm down or if …
Last December, I noticed that when I looked up I could see the grid and that there was pink energy, around the 15th of December of ’99, that there was pink energy coming in through the squares of the grid.  I believe in March of 2000 I saw Lavender energy coming in through the squares of the grid and I think it was in May but closer to summer months I saw black energy, and the day that I saw that I knew that there was going to be a lot of depression and heaviness among people and that is the…way it played out.
People found that on a particular day, at a particular time everybody felt really, really bad. It was this energy that was coming in, and hopefully this information will help people understand that a lot of what we are going through is not just our own stuff but planetary out of control energy, because…
GARY:            the shift from pink energy to lavender energy, could that indicate a shift up the chakra system?
FRANCES:      It would have been a higher vibration, that was coming in
GARY             why could black energy come in and who would send it?
FRANCES       I believe that the grid of the planet is broken in certain places and that energy is able to come in I believe that energy is always there or is being sent at this particular point I don’t know…I know the grid of the planet, not the protective grid of the planet is broken in several places around the world ad those are places where it is very easy to predict that there will be social economic and political problems…and of course there are these issues in these areas…the grid is broken and whatever is there is being fed an earth energy that is very negative and not nourishing but damaging…..Also children that are being born in parts of the world where the grid of the earth is broken have energy set in their system that is that quality of energy which is very negative.  And I believe that probably why there is so many cultures societies and countries that are more conflicted, and conflicting and aggressive and other characteristics of that nature…I believe that the people were probably born in areas that have a broken grid, so the population literally is birthed with that energy. You are not just birthed with astrological energies from the planets but also with the energies of the part of the planet in which you are born…I believe we have a good explanation of the reason why different populations are different from each other … the problem now is there are a lot of places where the grid is broken so I believe that is one of the resons why there is so much conflict
GARY             is there a grid around the earth and another in the earth?
FRANCES       we seen to be layers and layers of grids and I don’t have a solid handle on that I am giving the information that I get, I don’t have the full explanation…what I hope to do by giving out this information is to help people become aware of what it is that is external to them and their choices and decisions, that is affecting them…whether positively or negatively…
GARY             each of us has a grid and the earth has a grid and

FRANCES       everything has a grid from what I understand,


GARY             what would break down the grid? In terms of the earth, does violence break the grid, or once the grid is broken does that result in violence?
FRANCES       good question…the violence will break the grid, and if there is a broken grid there will be more violence…what starts the entire issue is…that subject is so large and the informati0n is so unusual that I will not be discussing it. but I will say that we appear to suffer from off planet influences that we would not necessarily chose.
GARY             going back to the veils in our minds, as that seems to be a key issue in the millennium
FRANCES       Ill give you the best I have on that subject…it appears to be divisions between information…. Everything is information, depending on how it is put together you get either a chair or a human being…and also the energies that flow in and out of it… the important thing about the veils is that we have been able to live thinking that physicality is the most important aspect of life because we have had strong veils between the physical part of our life and the nonphysical; part of our life…. Which I call the spiritual part of our life…these veils are lifting very quickly, we have surveys that talk about a significant part of the population seeing angels and believing in angels and spirits and a lot of people are able to see and talk to their dead relatives…. And a lot of us having conversations with the spiritual part of our friends and families, in other words not with the physical body.these veils are going us quickly and the spirit world is being rapidly revealed to us.unfortuantely the spirit world contains as many not so nice unkind difficult manipulative and down right evil as the physical part of our life…I am finding a lot of people living in fear because of what they see at nite and sometimes during the day, thinking that they are going crazy and not understanding  and certainly not expecting it…………….so when we talk about APOCALYPSE   in the book of revelations a big part of it I believe is that it going to reveal to us what we have been living  in anyway but  not been aware of which  is the spirit world…..And all that that entails.
GARY             so the veils are strictly some kind of division between information and energy and our energetic selves and as the veils are lifted some people would see that as ultimately a great thing to get all this spiritual information to better ourselves but it also allows us access to the negative side also to come in…
FRANCES       accurate, and a lot of people cannot handle it…they have enough of a hard time handling the physical dimension and the information of that dimension and the aspects of their family and friends that they see now seeing a wider aspect of everything…not just themselves bust ev3rything around them, is more than a lot of people can handle, its difficult…. I believe that this is going to be one of the reasons why we are going to chose to have more simple lives…when I walk into a room with 10 people, for there are 15 or 20essences, ten have physical bodies and the others don’t…for me now to go into a crowd of people is not easy because I see and hear so much, and I have spirits talking to me at the same time I am holding a conversation with them physically…and verbally…so I am finding myself simplifying my life cause I feel all of these energies and I am holding these conversations and I am privy to all this information , its information overload…so we think we have  information overload with all our newspapers and TV and the Internet, wait till you see the information overload that we are already starting having to do with the nonphysical aspects of ourselves and life……..That we are now going to be consciously aware of, so the good news and the bad news is that we are going to chose to live life more simply, we are not going to have another choice, perhaps that is why indigenous peoples live such simple lives, truthfully maybe their life is not so simple, maybe the physical aspect of how they live is simple, but they have so much more contact and access to what is happening in the other dimensions, positive and negative, what we don’t know has really been a tremendous handicap,  and we have established the life that we live  in western civilization based on what we know about our physical lives and ….
GARY             with these veils lifting, no wonder the new age section bookstores used to two shelves and now its 18 rows of books
FRANCES       correct…. There is an excess of information  …I don’t know how we are going to handle it, though if you develop your intuition you don’t need to read the 18 rows of books, because its very obvious that something must change because there is no one that can read all of these books…. And have all this why don’t we go back to the original way of acquiring information which is intuition awhere you don’t have to study, you don’t have to have a book, you don’t even have to have a mentor, all you need to use is your mind, unfiltered and unbiased and acquire the information you need in the moment other than that I think we are going to have to set up some type of information control or we are going to become so specialized that that unity and wholeness that we seek we will never find…specialization and in depth knowledge  already guarantees that you are not going to be centered on the subject  or in the field or the profession or in your life…something has got to give here
GARY             they say we only use 10 per cent of our minds now, with these veils lifting, are we accessing more of the potential that we have?
FRANCES       we are accessing more of our mind, life is going to be very different, we are in the information age and its not limited to the Internet and books, acquiring information through very simple, if you use your mind in the correct way and  totally unmanageable if you try to do it the old way, through schooling and reading……
GARY             there is something about, if a certain number of a species knows information, that all of a sudden it becomes baseline information…?
FRANCES       Yes its called the 100th monkey syndrome, it’s the collective unconscious, which transfers information back and forth all the time and you are correct, that is what is going to happen, with the veils being removed it will no longer be unconscious

Psychic abilitites

GARY             so then, it sounds as if you combine the two things, the 100th monkey principle, and the veils lifted, then we as a species will have more baseline knowledge?
FRANCES       instantaneous knowing…claircognizance…. An instant knowing by everyone or everyone who chooses to know who does not block the information…its going to be different, in many ways very good…. It’s the transition and those of us that are living at this point of change, its going to be a little bit messy…I have found that many people in the month of December were having a very difficult time…particularly couples, and I believe its because they saw things that they had tried to repress for a long time…and that was now being revealed to them, and because of these waves of energy heavy energy that has been hitting the planet in the last several months they were no longer able to contain the information, they were actually verbalizing it….there was a lot of conflict amongst people, a lot of anger, a lot of rage, again because people were not able to block information as before … couples with heavy duty energies……
IN THE MONTH of November the veil that lifted had to do with the information about light and dark…a lot of people became aware of things they thought were ok with their partners and friends and their businesses and they said its not ok. I had several people say to me,” I had this friend I suddenly realized, this is not a nice person, I had always thought this was a nice person”…again increased awareness…. The veil that I perceived was to be lifted in December, I am less sure of…that veil had to do with the division between us and the source, what some would call God or all that is…I myself found that I was much more open to traditional form of God than before, I found it very important to start some type of spiritual practice, which for me is Buddhist, and I found in my readings that people in the year 2001 that do not have some type of spiritual practice would have a very difficult time…in other words, they needed to get in touch with that energy that we call the source or God………I think that issue was more ethereal, so I did not get as many supporting stories or evidence that that veil did go up……I would be pleased to get feedback if peoplehad some type of revelation or opening  to the spiritual part of themselves that we call opening to the source or God…….
GARY             granted that you are getting anecdotal, is it a specific veil that opens for everyone each month or depending on the person is it a different veil
FRANCES       I believe that every month of the year 2000 there was a particular veil that lifted for everyone…I did perceive that if you did not want that veil to lift you could hang on to it very tightly and keep it down as if it were a shade in your mind, but that it was going to take a lot of energy to do that
GARY             by this same token, could you then lift additional veils if you worked hard at it?
FRANCES       I believe a lot of us spend a lot of time lifting veils in our minds and having more access…I myself have done a lot of past life work for myself and I feel as if there is a very thin veil between my previous life  in which I was in the holocaust and  this lifetime.   And I am finding people’s personalities becoming more reflective of a particular significant past life …that has a lot to do with what they are supposed to be doing next in this lifetime…. so that is a different type of veil going up….
I work a lot with Mary Lou Milian, she is a clinical social worker and spirit release therapist and she has told me that information that receives has indicated that whatever it is that we have not dealt with in terms of our issues and traumas by the end of the month is going to hit us very hard in the year 2001.  I say that whatever we have in our closets, our mental closets our deepest subconscious needs to be aired out very very very quickly.  A lot of what we have in our subconscious, you can call it like the astral plane which are the planes and dimensions below our root chakras, that’s where you have all the astral entities and a lot of the negative entities that you have problems with.  So whatever is there that you have repressed and denied and forgotten, you need to look at because if a veil goes up or many veils go up and all of a sudden that plane is revealed to us and there is a lot of “you” there because you are information, information about you that you kept there because you didn’t want to deal with it, you are going to have to deal with the information plus the entities, plus the type of life that is on the lower astral levels which many describe as hell.  A lot of the descriptions in art in the middle ages truly are a description of the astral plane…
So if a lot of your consciousness is shoved into subconscious, in other words into your “closet” and those veils go up you are going, its going to get downright ugly.
GARY:            do the veils actually hold back information or separate information?
FRANCES:      (long pause) I don’t know that the distinction is important.
GARY:            the reason I ask is because what I see happening is that as the veils are going up, its almost like the levels of energy that hold the information are moving so where you could, before you could repress the information you could no longer get repressed, there is nowhere to put it anymore and things are just floating upward so its all in your face, things that you didn’t want to deal with
FRANCES:      I don’t think it’s… I don’t… you might be right.. Its, I don’t have a grip… I can’t answer the way you asked the question, but I can tell you this, a lot of times I will deal with someone that will have an entity attachment, and I will think that I took care of the entity, its not my specialty and what I find is that the entity just dives down into the astral level of that person and that something happens that opens a window of opportunity for that entity to come up into consciousness of that person, in other words, not the astral level, not the subconscious, not the closet, but that that entity was always there, but not in their conscious, they were dealing with it in another level, they were being dragged down to a level where they weren’t aware of it, but it was still a drag, but once it came up into their consciousness, the higher level, then they were really feeling the effects, but they were always dealing with the effects, so that’s the only way I can answer that question.
GARY:            No, that makes sense, so what you are saying is that as things are coming up, as veils are lifting, and things are rising to us, it doesn’t mean that level is no longer there, because things are still stored in that level like the entities
FRANCES:      Yes, I can not imagine what life is going to be like when all of those veils come up because if you have a lot of entity attachment, if you have a lot of unresolved issues you are going to live your life with all of these dark forces right there with you. And you are going to be seeing it every minute of the day.  I think that’s why people are feeling a lot of fear.  And they are seeing things.  Children have always seen it and we have denied it and said its in their mind and it was very real but we denied by saying that it wasn’t real but I think that everybody is going to be dealing with whatever information they have internally.
There have been several times in the year 2000 when there were waves of darkness going over the planet and people were in fear.  I remember particularly February and March when there people who did not sleep for weeks, who did not sleep well for weeks and felt a lot of fear at night.  Why the fear at night?  I think because they were busy during the day and they could not, or did not allow themselves to feel it, once they got quiet and inactive at night they could feel the emotion.  I will try in terms of this report to let people know about the ways that I am able to perceive and to see if people can pin point where they were at that point and understand perhaps what they were going through was not their own personal stuff.  These waves of fear do trigger our own unresolved issues I think perhaps that’s the bottom line here, that because we are getting in some much energy that perhaps we are not used to and may not necessarily choose, that we need to be prepared to deal with it.  And having unresolved issues, traumas, repressed memories, etc., leave us unequipped to flow with whatever is being thrown at us.
GARY:            we are also more susceptible to those feelings at night because during the day we are more physical we are distracted with our jobs, we feel the need to compensate to push the feelings down, we do all these impulsive things and at night we shift consciousness and we are more into the
FRANCES:      correct.