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Are You Putting Organic On Your Face?

7/4/15 2:34 PM

It is known that a mothers touch on a on a child’s skin keeps the baby healthy and that a child without that touch can wither. What are you doing to your  skin? Are your oils and cosmetics a “loving touch” so that your skin thrives or are you giving your skin the harshness of chemicals?

In this research,  Frances Fox used her remote viewing skills that allow her to “see” the other dimensions of the  skin, and put together a formula of natural ingredients  that are considering sacred in Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda, to heal what she discovered is influencing the looks of the face and neck,…

Study: The healing effects of Sacred Skin Products

Below is a study of the effects of a sacred formula of herbs, fruits and crystals for application on the skin. The study was conducted by Frances using her remote view skills to see the other dimensions of the clients face and neck prior to the application of the sacred formula and post application.

In 1969 in the studies of psychoneuroimmunology, it was established that stress influences health. Our faces and neck are where we often hold the most of our negative emotions and thoughts, even if we are a very happy and smiling type person. In other words, our real reaction to events in our life can be repressed, creating emotional congestion right under our skin and even deeper into our organs. As you will see below, we hold a lot of negative emotions and even memories in our skin and they can and do influence our aging process..

The skin is a protective system that acts like a barrier to many things including toxic particles. It is today extremely stressed by the radiation from our cell phones and cell phone towers etc., often deteriorating the skins ability to protect. The skin is the sense organ connected to the heart making it the sense organ that helps to keep us harmonizes and balanced.

The Study

Pre Application Note: the green lines on the graphics  are due to my printer running out of link!!!!!!!

This is a list of what was revealed via remote viewing prior to the application of the formula:


As you can see, there is lots of black energy, (astral particles of depression from the clients astral body often called the spirit body). The client had the line we are so familiar with often called jowls, but in this case her physical face shows no evidence of jowls, yet, but the depression particles will play out on her physical face soon enough!

She had huge lines of depression particles under both her eyes, already appearing as circles under her eyes on her physical face.

She had a large red X behind her left ear ???

She had a huge congestion of depression on her nose, almost as if she had a small octopus hooked onto her nose.

But the most fascinating congestion we saw through the remote viewing was four round shaped depression congestion down the left side of her face. They did not look  “natural” at all.

 Post Application

We had the client apply the formula to her face and neck and remote viewed the results within two minutes of the application.

CLIENT #1 POST APPLICATIONjpeg                                                                                              

The color nile green is the color of the energy of the heart chakra, and always means healing.

There was Nile green energy underneath the jowls, as if trying to lift up the depression  particles.
The same effect was occurring underneath the dark lines under her eyes.
There was no movement or healing of the “thing” on her nose.
The neck area was now releasing anger particles, not seen previously.
Fringe Benefit

Note: Mindstrings are what channel the human mind. They look like the branches of a tree and have 5 extensions, like fingers at the end of each. The mindstrings and the fingers clutch and grip negative thoughts and emotions and press them against the body, in a location related to the issue being repressed.

There was an unwinding of mindstrings in her forehead, which is the area the Anja chakra controls. The Anja chakra is aabout inner and outer vision and wisdom. We perceived the releasing of the mindstrings was a releasing of a congestion that was deeply buried.  The formula had stimulated the mindstrings in her forehead/third eye, releasing them.

Childhood Trauma Revealed and in the Process of Release

But the most powerful part result of the application of the formula was the 4 circular shaped congestion on the side of her face. The Nile green energy was lifting up the depression particles from the four circles.

We mentioned we did not know what the four circles were and the client hesitated and then said: “those are the four fingers of my grandmothers hand from when she slapped me”.


Science proved decades ago that muscles hold memory and in alternative medicine we know that the memory of a car accident will bind the muscles in the area the individual was hit. Pilates, arnica and deep tissue massage etc. can be used to release those memories which help release the tension of the muscles, bringing the victim more quickly back to a healthy body.

But we did not know that something as common as a slap that happened over 25 years ago could leave a vasana, a deep-rooted impression on the face. In Hinduism a vasana is a deep-rooted impression on the mindstrings. Today with the discovery of the mindstrings and their role in disease we know that vasanas can be the basis for a disease.

The client had 4 vasanas due to the “slap”, but most importantly, the ingredients of the formula were lifting up those vasanas, releasing them and the associated depression and thoughts.

Note: the left side of the human face is in the air quadrant of the mindstrings as relates to their spinal cord and it is related to the back far right side of the map of the Feng Shui energies of the home called the bagua. That area relates to marriage and relationships. The 4 vasanas on the left side of the clients face may create more than beauty issues, they may hold the key to her relationships!

What is in this healing formula?
Medicinal Cannabis  infused with mantras of course, and other ingredients such as  Organic Coconut oil, flowers that reduce frustration, one of which is  the same flower aspirin is made out of the willow , Dead Sea Mud and more.