Stem Cell Research


Stem Cells: Breaking The Code

Is stem cell research where we ultimately fullfill the destiny that has been predicted would happen in the Age of Aquarius, a time when science becomes religious and religion becomes scientific? Stem cell research holds that promise.

The intention of stem cell research using alternative skills
The intention of this research is to reveal the unseen influences of the other dimensions during a stem cell procedure. After “viewing” the process in the other dimensions it was resolved to establish a protocol for the procedure, incorporating the information.
Frances Fox
We are considered a metaphysician and a shaman. Metaphysics is the study of first cause and shamans are the original doctors on the Planet. Shamans release spirits and bad energy and balance the elements, which are the food of the human mind. More on spirit influence further on.
In this research we use our alternative skills to reveal unseen influences ion health and specifically during the procedure. But before we get into what we viewed during the procedure, we need to review other dimensional factors that influence the outcome of Stem Cell Therapy.
Human Assemblage of Bodies
It has been known for centuries that human possess an assemblage of bodies beyond the physical. Each body is used to “navigate” a different dimension. Science has already established and accepts there are at least 11 dimensions and possibly 20. In our work we can see and diagnose 5 of the 11 (or 20) bodies.
The medical systems that incorporate the reality of these “bodies” are extremely effective at prevention, as humans become sick in one of these bodies prior to becoming sick in the physical body. For example, a human has cancer in one of the bodies 2 years prior to having cancer in the physical body. It is much easier to take care of that “cancer” prior to it arriving, landing or exploding into the physical body.
Taking care of these energy bodies is known as prevention in modern medicine. In reality it is only preventing the condition from landing on the physical body.
Below is a graphic and explanation of the bodies symbolized by the Russian Dolls that nest one inside of the other, as the physical and energy bodies also nest inside of each other, each in a deeper dimension. These other nonphysical parts of us interact with and actually precede and organize the physical body. The energy bodies do not die when the physical body dies. Each has its own process, which we will not go into here.

Human Assemblage of Bodies

  1. The blue energy body is the electric energy body called the etheric energy body. It is damaged by radiation and repressed negative emotions.
  2. The gold energy body is the astral/emotional energy body. It is damaged by repressed desires, particularly sexual.
  3. The gold funnel overlaying the spine is the causal energy body where human intentions are held. It is damaged by excess repressed negative emotions
  4. The 72,000 strings or mindstrings that extend from the causal body channels/streams the individuals’ mind. They are called the mental energy body. There are multilevels of mindstrings through the human bodies: Telomeres, microtubules, the cannabinoid system, receptors Unresolved human issues and radiation damage the mindstrings at every level.

Two issues of the bodies that cause disease
The studies called psychoneuroimmunology proved that psychological processes, emotions and thoughts do influence the immune systems of the body.
Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) is the study of the interaction between psychological processes and the nervous and immune systems of the human body.
In the field of psychoneuroimmunology it is believed that stress related disease affects us at the mental and emotional level. If not properly processed, the effect on our mental and emotional energy bodies in turn disorganizes our physical body and causes disease.
Stress is called disease when it reaches the physical body but what is it before then? The definition of stress is very revealing once you integrate the existence of the energy bodies into the medical field:
Stress:  a force exerted when one body or body part presses on, pulls on, pushes against, or tends to compress or twist another body or body part
“Forces” hurt the bodies
It is the energy bodies, the etheric, astral, mental and causal that are hurt by “forces” and then in turn hurt the physical body, creating disease. The emotions of the astral emotional body are known to be a force in Hinduism, an astral force. And radiation is a force…. Both emotions and radiation are damaging to the bodies, causing the disease state.
We must understand and respect the boundaries and needs of the nonphysical components of our human energy system, the other “bodies” so as to protect our physical body.
Prevention of disease requires that we address stress-producing factors at the emotional and mental body level before they reach the physical body. Prevention today needs to include the new environmental forces that are damaging the bodies: radiation from WiFi, etc.
Stem Cell Procedures
April 9, 2015 I was invited to witness and document the others dimensions during a stem cell session. The most important skill we bring to the table is to be able to see and understand instantly what is happening in 7 of the 11 dimensions quantum physicists say exist. We wanted to see if we could provide new information that would help to know in advance which patients were good candidates and which patients would not be good candidates for the procedure.
It was a “beauty” treatment which  included extracting stem cells from the patients’ abdomen and injecting the cells into her face, chin and head. The doctor conducting the procedures specializes in Age Management. The following is what I witnessed first hand in the surgery room during the procedures, and conclusions I reached, many of which aligns perfectly with what is already known about stem cells.
Higgs Field and God Particle
God Particles are pure intention, the building blocks of this part of the Universe. God Particles responds to the innermost desires of the human. The deepest intention of the patient undergoing Stem Cell Therapy determines whether the treatment will work or not because Stem Cells are God Particles!
The Higgs Field is layer upon layer of grids made up of God Particles that are designed to be perfectly aligned so that energy flows evenly through the aligned openings.
grid broken                                            grid Higgs Field straight correct 2
And that is the point, that the layers align perfectly and in that way there is an orderly flow of energies, sometimes from one dimension to another. When the layers of the Higgs Field are damaged, there is no orderly flow of energies and spirits, thoughts and emotions can burst into/onto the individual.
It is possible the Higgs Field is what separates the 11 to 20 dimensions blocking energies from entering dimensions that those energies are not normally allowed to enter. A break in the Higgs Field is the preamble to negativity and ultimately a disease state of mind.
Higgs Field, God Particles Vulnerability
The Higgs Field made up of God Particles are particularly susceptible to excessive radiation and congestions of negative emotions, the two factors that not coincidentally, create a disease state.
Patients’ Intention
All of an individual’s life responds to the individual’s intentions. Stem cells do the same, they respond to the individual’s intentions and they will not override an individual’s choice of disease and even death. A properly designed stem cell treatment protocol needs to address the blocked intentions, contradictory intentions and also radiation that can influence the outcome of the procedures.
Stem Cell Therapy
First procedure: mini liposuction
The first procedure was to acquire stem cells from the patient’s abdomen. It was done with long needles that extract fat, which includes stem cells.
The patient’s abdomen was anesthetized locally with Lidocaine. The Lidocaine separates the webbing of the etheric body from the physical body, but only where the Lidocaine is used. Normally the etheric electric body is aligned with the physical, extending one inch beyond.
In this case the etheric abdomen looked weird. The localized Lidocaine made the etheric abdomen “balloon”, like when you have a balloon and squeeze it in the middle and the air creates a ball like effect.
Procedures to concentrate the stem cells by removing negative emotions /astral particles
The extracted fat was taken through two procedures that in retrospect were to remove the negative astral particles of depression and anger. This takes care of the psychoneuroimmunology of the situation, which means that the stress of anger and depression congesting the fluid are removed. In a sense this is what shamans do when working with a sick person: remove bad energy…
The tubes of extracted fat were placed inside a machine called a Stempro Fill that spins the tubes counterclockwise for 20 minutes, separating the stem cells from the fat.
stem cell machine
The mix of blood, fat and stem cells was gold tone. Initially the counterclockwise motion shows the mix as gold while releasing a spiraling energy that is black.
stem cell spiraling
Three minutes later the spiraling energy stopped and black astral particles of depression, in the shape of petals/tongues were pushed out of the mix in the machine. The counter clockwise motion was separating and releasing the astral particles of depression from the mix.
stem cells petals
Next a red triangle shot out of the tubes, releasing anger.
stem cells red triangle
Next Nile green tongue like petals were pushed down and out.
stem cells green tongues
Four minutes later a grid appears, replacing the “tongues/petals” and triangle. At that point the process can be described as a “separating the wheat from the chaff”… a Biblical reference which means you select what is useful or valuable and reject what is useless or worthless.”
stem cells grids
Pure intention
The grid pushed down and out the energy of negative emotions/astral particles. The mix was now pure with no negative emotions, which could block their intentions.
At the end of the 20 minutes separation procedure, the tubes formed into the shape of a flower with many petals and a hallow stalk, a type of trunk or center axis.
stem cells flower
When the multi petal flowered formed there was only 6-7 seconds left. The flower formed, and it was complete.
Second procedure: waking up the stem cells
The tubes were then put inside another electronic apparatus whose function was to wake up the cells with a type of light. In Spanish it is called a Luz Activador, translated to mean light activator.
stem cells Luz Activadorstem cells luz activador bubbles
The light added the element of fire and activated/woke up the stem cells. Instantly the tube of stem cells emitted and was surrounded by iridescent bubbles of light. It was stunning.
NOTE: The Luz Activador was next to a clear plastic box and the bubbles avoided the box, as if they did not like the plastic!
Injecting the concentrated stem cells
After the two procedures to concentrate the stem cells and then to activate them, the extracted liquid was ready to be injected into the patient. At this point 30% is stem cells and the rest is diluted stem cells, acting as a type of filler.
Spirit Influence in stem cell therapy
If you have any resistance to accepting spirits/ghosts as an influencing factor in human health, we refer you to your religion, which should have educated you in not only their existence but also their negative influences.
Chinese Medicine, over 2,000 years old and rapidly gaining recognition for its effectiveness, has acupuncture points called Ghost Points, which deal with the spirits that interfere with human health.
The 13 Ghost Points was developed by Sun Si Miao (6th Century, around 581 A.D). The 13 Ghost points are all regular meridian points. Today, The term of 13 Ghost Points, however, is typically not included in the curriculum nor in textbooks. Those are considered as spirit points….
Ayurveda, the oldest organized medicine on the Planet, over 5,000 years old, also deal with the issues of spirit influence and invasion.
In Tibetan Psychiatry there is a formal classification of spirits some of which make people forget! They believe that all forms of epilepsy are caused by spirit invasion.
In Catholicism there is also a classification of spirits that influence humans.
Spirits can and do interfere with the patients intention and also the doctors’. The issue is not a new issue in health, just an unrecognized invisible factor in modern medicine, which has not incorporated the knowledge of the existence of other dimensions or spirit influence.
Spirit intentions can override the patients intentions
Spirits can block the success of the procedure where the intention of the spirits is stronger than the intention of the individual. In other words, a spirit invades the individual pushing his consciousness out of the cells and/or area of the body, creating a type of local disassociation. If there is a heavy invasion, then the spirits intention could determine the outcome of the therapy, regardless of the conscious intention of the patient who is not aware they have lost their free will in that area. It is preciously for that reason that shamans begin their “therapy” by releasing spirits.
Back to the procedure…
The doctor started the process of injecting the stem cells into the parts of the face he wanted to rejuvenate. The stem cells either created a new grid wherever they are injected or they repaired the existing grid, whatever was needed. When he injected into the chin area, we could see it triggered a battle between the stem cells and spirits in the place where the stem cells were injected.
Humans tend to congest their faces with frustrations and anger, which they are taught not to express but that they do feel. Society does not allow for “emoting” of emotions, creating the health issues studied in psychoneuroimmunology. In other words, emoted emotions do not cause a break in the grid allowing spirits an entry point, unexpressed emotions do.
As the doctor injected the stem cells into the face, there was a battle between the spirits that were able to occupy spaces where the patient had a broken Higgs Field due to her emotional congestions. That blocked the process of the intention of the stem cells. As the stem cells “won” territory in her face, the area turned a light orange color.
It took a while for the chin area to turn orange from the injected stem cells and half of the patients chin took till the end of the hour-long procedure to turn orange.
Etheric body distortions due to Lidocaine
At one point I walked out of the room. When I returned I noted that the webbing of the patients’ etheric head had grown and extended dramatically outside of her physical head, which was not the case prior to exiting the room.
etheric bubble head
The patient had complained of discomfort and the doctors’ assistant said she had been given more Lidocaine. The extra Lidocaine pushed the etheric webbing of her head further away so the patient would feel less pain, as had occurred with the Lidocaine in her abdomen.
The etheric energy body is the energy body that allows us to be vital, energized and to feel. When it is displaced via anesthetics, we cannot feel the pain of what is happening to the physical body because the physical body is incapable of feeling pain if it is not aligned with its etheric counterpart.
Note: the etheric body is not the energy body that separates from the individual having surgery, sometimes floating over their own physical body and the doctors working on them. That is the astral energy body.
Recommendations for Future Stem Cell Procedures
Doctors: Medicine Men of the Future Attending the Soul, Spirit and Body
Stem cells are all about intention, the intention of the patient or the intention of the spirits that can control the patient. The issue is often called spirit possession because literally, if a spirit is occupying an area of the body, he is possessing it and may not allow the stem cells to do what they would intend.
The influence of spirits on health and particularly mental health, have always been the domain of shamans and medicine men, the original teachings of Chinese Medicine and also Ayurveda. Today, in parts of the world that practice modern medicine, spirits are usually the domain of religions that do spirit release therapy or exorcisms.
Intention Screening
An effective protocol for Stem Cell treatments must widen the lens of modern medicine to include what was always the domain of trational medicines: the other dimensional, non physical or spiritual aspects of a human being. We recommend that patients considering stem cell therapy be screened for subconscious intentions, often due to spirit influence, to remain ill or to die. And more specifically it should include preparing the patient with alternative modalities such as mantras to go into the procedure with an unblocked intention to heal!
It is possible that the findings in Stem Cell research will align our modern medicine with other dimensionsal aspects of all human being, creating a holistic medicine that is more effective at prevention and management of disease. If the intention of the patient is known, it will also allow doctors to help those patients who truly intend and should be allowed to die more gracefully.
Is stem cell research where we ultimatly fullfill the destiny that has been predicted for decades, a time when science becomes religious and religion becomes scientific? Stem cell research holds that promise.