Suicide and Surrogate Mantras



 Mantras release spirits and  the desire to die



 2/18/2001 session via phone

This has been the most incredible experience. Tonight I worked with a client. In diagnosing what was going on with her, I found that she was angry at the world, angry at everything, and everyone. She was extremely tired, extremely depressed, and had spent the day in bed.  Her  business was in an unexplained slowdown.  Nothing was working and  she was not happy. Outwardly, other than the business slowdown, everything “appeared” to be okay. In checking, I found that she was angry at having to pay attention at work, she was angry at  her boyfriend, she was angry at  her mother.  She was angry and hated everybody and everything.

While I was on the phone counseling this client, she was interrupted by a business call.   As I waited for her to call me back, I took the time to do   Purification Mantras , including  Even though I want to die, I love and accept myself ,  but  surrogate. In other words, I was doing the breathing and the releasing for her. I worked on her hatred and anger at everyone and everything. As I was doing  the mantras , her spirit informed me that she wanted to die.  It was upsetting, it is always frightening when you find out that someone wants to even  though I suspect that this individual felt like that for a long time  and she had repressed those thoughts. I worked for approximately five minutes,  doing the surrogate reprogramming.

The client called me back. Her voice was different. I asked her how she felt. And she said to me “Oh, I feel a lot better.” I suspected she thought it was due to the phone call she had received, I told her what I had found and asked if she was in touch with wanting to die, and she denied it. I asked her again “How do you feel?” She said “Well actually I feel just fine now, and I did not feel fine when we started the phone conversation.” Kudos to surrogate mental yoga! 

It was what would happen next that was the most fascinating for me. I continued the reprogramming with her and I saw with my inner vision, a form detaching from her. I realized that her wanting to die was a fragment, an attachment from her mother who apparently, at some point in her life, had wanted to die and had fragmented the fragment attached to her daughter.  Attached to the fragment was an entity. This poor woman was dealing not only with a fragment from her mother, literally a piece of the mother’s astral body with the emotion of despair plus mind-streams with the concept of “I want to die”, plus an entity!  So my client was clear of a fragment, an emotion and an entity, all with surrogate reprogramming.

A “natural” soul retrieval (shamans do soul retrieval work during rituals and ceremonies)

I followed the fragment with its attachment and found that it went back to the mother. But it did not attach to the mother. It kind of hung out near the mother. I continued the reprogramming through breath surrogate with the words “Even though all I want to do is die, I love and accept myself.” And the fragment that was totally black when I started started to clear, to lighten. As this was happening, as the clearing progressed, the attachment got closer to the mother. I did not want the reunification of the fragment with the mother until the attachments were cleared and I was able to achieve this as I continued to repeat the mantra “Even though all I want to do is die.”

When the fragment was clear, and the attachments were gone, the fragment, now orange and gold reunited with the mother.  It was an incredible healing and I am very grateful that I was able to witness it.