Suicide: Mental Yoga for survivor healing

Fox Protocol Mental Yoga 


The suicides of Anthony Bourdain, Kate Spade and others have created a state of shock in the nation. When a child finds out a friend or someone in their school committed suicide, that child experiences a trauma and can enter a state of shock that can last a lifetime.

This shock is damaging to mental health but it also debilitates your ability to stay awake and focused on your intentions to create a wonderful life. The Fox Suicide Protocols Program can help you and your family live in a powerfully focused state of intentionality so that you can create the life you want.
The exercises and recommendations help you to understand the role of your mind in creating your reality. And they will help you to strengthen that God given power of manifestation. The program recommends you pay attention to the influence of your environment on your ability to stay clear and focused on your intentions.

1. Purify your mind of your reaction to the suicide with the Purification Mantra

Even though I was shocked and afraid, I love and accept myself.
This mantra will purify your mind of the shock and horror of what you witnessed. Please do this mantra dozens of times a day, silently with rhythmic breath.

2. Align your mind with your intention to heal from the trauma of the suicide with the Intention Mantra

“Please God help me with my intention to heal from the shock.
We do not need to add the word suicide because your mind will know what you need to release. You may have additional “shocking” memories come up. Please do it at least 25 times a day, silently with rhythmic breath

3. Create Focused Intentionality with the Imaging Success Visualization

Always remember to breathe as you visualize yourself clearheaded and focused, knowing what to do and say and making decisions so clear you don’t struggle as you achieving your intentions easily.

4. The Apana Mudra

Often we desire something and it stays in the mental dimension, becoming a dream that we wish would translate into a reality. Too often we are so disassociated from the physical dimension that it is hard to bring into reality our dreams. The Apana Mudra helps to infuse life into your intentions so they can manifest as realities.
The APANA MUDRA grounds you. You can easily feel the effects by paying attention to how you feel before and after using the hand position shown below.
Touch tips of thumb, middle and ring fingers together, extend index and little fingers and when possible, rest the back of your hands on your thighs. You can also do the Apana Mudra when you are walking or just sitting. You do not need to hold the hands on your thighs when you are in public places or if is not comfortable or appropriate.

5. OM Mantra

The sound of OM (also pronounced AUM) opens your intentional energy body channel which overlays your physical spine. Try and do the OM mantra as long as you can during your day, so that your intentionality can be strengthened, helping you to achieve your intentions.

Your environment influences your mind

Your mind feeds off of your environment, your home, office and places you spend your leisure time. Your environment can support or detract from your ability to stay focused and fully intended. Remember to purify your spaces daily to prevent an energetic plague from weakening your intentionality.
Excessive fire element in your home/office from electronic devices will weaken your mind and make it harder to recuperate from the shock and trauma of the suicide. Address your electroaddiction and electrofog issues that are weakening your mind by monitoring the amount of time you spend on wireless devices and in places that are not natural as you slowly augment the time you spend in nature.

Tips for efficient use of the exercises:

Your mind has bad habits. It loves compulsive thoughts, even if you don’t. It will tend to “forget” to do the mantras and visualization. We recommend these tactics:
1. Use a mala, prayer beads or a rosary to anchor your intention to do 25, 50 or whatever number of repetitions of the mantras. The beads keep your awake on the physical dimension so your mind will wander less
2. Use post notes to remind you of the mantras. Post them on your bathroom mirror, next to your bed, in you agenda.
3. You can do the Purification Mantra during routine labors, such as washing you hair, cooking your dinner, cleaning your home, exercising
4. Pay attention to how you feel prior to doing the mantras and then after the mantras. Compare the difference to “prove” that they are working. That will help to hook you to their effectiveness
5. Doing the mantra together with others who are also affected by the suicide augments the power of the healing