Suicide: Why?

Note: Wi Fi literally moves your astral spirit body up and out of your assemblage of bodies


This is what the Dolphins shared with Frances on the issue of suicides today
June 11, 2018
“This is how it will all play out. Planet earth is under attack and is weak from living unnaturally. Those who live more balanced lives, balancing the elements, will survive and also thrive. Those who have not lived in a way that the elements are balanced in their homes, bodies etc. will go down in a rather dramatic way.
The zombie issue is even bigger but not so obvious yet.
Both have to do with the individual not occupying their bodies so that a space is left inside.
In the cases of suicides the invasion is so intense the person cannot tolerate it and needs to leave, which means die, as there is not place to hide from the craziness inside of the head.

Zombies will start to show up in mass Feb 15, 2019. Their appearance will be so obvious there will be special police units to deal with the issue. Parents will call these units in when they realize their “zombie” loved one is capable of killing them. Many will hesitate to ask for help, assuming they can handle their loved ones and those may pay the biggest price, which is the loss of their life.
The zombies will kill them?
Yes the zombie issue is purposefully dramatic. The invading spirits are looking to take over human assemblage of bodies but for that, the human spirits/astral body needs to let go of their assemblage, which means disassociating. And then the invading spirit can come in…
So it is all about disassociating or not disassociating as a reaction to emotional pain. That is what needs to resolve, the tendency to disassociate because the options are not working.