I see love in the cards this week, I see your dating life is going to start to pick up.
I see new beginnings happening.
Also for some of you, trust your intuition this week.
I do see this is a good time for relationships to get very serious for some of you, and making plans to take next step.
For others of you this is a great time with career and career opportunities with this energy.
For some of you this is a smooth transition with work, or to a better place in regards to moving or home life
For some of you, your love life can be complicated at this time. You could be reevaluating your relationship because you are feeling lonely , or you could have met someone new that fills a certain void, something that you don’t have with relationships.
For some of you this is figuring out what you want in relationships. I do see new love coming this week with this energy.
I also see you following your intuition in regards to money-making ideas with this energy.
I also see a dominating person in your life that actually might be good for you because they keep you in check.
For some of you, you are dealing with a dominant man in your life. Don’t allow his dominating side to turn you off because there is a reason for this and it’s because this man in your life is protective and more committed to you than you think.
For those of you, who been bored about your situation, you will finally find a way to make your life interesting, or to get back on top of the career ladder.
Confrontation comes this week because you start being critical of others, so careful about saying your piece because others in your life may not be ready to hear it.
This week you can be in good spirits.
There can be new love coming into your life, or things turning around for you with career.
This energy brings about hope with money at this time. This can be a great week for a second business or online business. For some of, you could be pleasantly surprise that you are getting along better with others or people in your life are listening to you more or even including you in things that you would not normally be involve in
I see this can be a great week for you. I see you mastering a specific area of your life and it can be with your relationships with others.
For some of you, major decisions are coming and you do have the green light with these ideas.
But you may not start them any time soon, as you will   just mulling over things.
For others of you this energy brings about a positive turn of events for you. For some of you this is like winning the lotto. For others of you this life altering changes, like pregnancy, or something permanent. So if you are not trying to get pregnant, put a raincoat on this week.
Major changes happening, and for some of you it’s by your own hand. I feel others can help you out with job opportunities but I feel that these job opportunities are in a different state or country.
I do see you dating at this time as well. For some of you this can be on the job training, or receiving some major over haul with your business or career.
Your intuition is guiding you to make a better shift in energy or help you make necessary, positive changes in your life. For others of you don’t micromanage things, try to go more with the flow with this energy
I see a lot of online communication going on or this can be even internet dating for some of you, or this can be your online business getting busy this week.
Some of you are very creative at this time. I see you creating your own reality, if you choose to so at this time. For others of you, I see you travelling for career and this can take about several months.
For others of you this is moving to a different state or country this week.
For some, trust your intuition because it’s guiding or you could be receiving signs that its time for a change with this energy
Major decisions are coming up about career opportunities, collaborations or this can be allowing someone back into your life that you may had a falling out with.
The ball is in your court this week; some of you are in a position to call the shots or in a position of authority.
For some of your creative work will garner new found praise.
Others in your life may support your new business venture, or ideas or plans that you may want to initiate at this time.
I do see new love coming for some of you.
I also see a friendship could be turning into something more serious. But I feel that you may not be ready for a relationship or anything serious because you are more focused on other aspects of your life. Or you are not done with the ex that you are not over with and you want to see where the rabbit hole will take you.
I see you taking care of a lot of people in your life. For some of you, you could be tired physically of emotionally because of being there for others this week.
For some of you, you could be bored of a love relationship. For some of you, you are isolating yourself more with school or with your creative hobbies.
The cards are saying try to find others that share your interest.
For some of you, I see you soon getting out of a rut that you have been in.
For others of you this is a rebirthing of a situation or a relationship. Expect to either be alone soon if you are in a relationship, or to be getting together with someone new if you are single and have no prospects.
I see a lot of behind the scenes stuff happening for you, but in your favor. You are very good with your career, and I see opportunities to grow.
I feel also you benefit through the women in your life so allow them to take care of you.
I see money worries but for some of you, I see those money worries being put at ease at this time so try to detach yourself from the sense of lack or worry.
I do see money matters being emphasized but all this is very temporary.
For some of you, I see to much of a good thing coming your way.
For some of you the focus is on mother.
For others of you, you are the glue that keeps certain relationships in your life running.
For others of you, you provide a unique outlook on life or on a particular situation to help give others clarity or a different perspective this week.
For others of you, you are nurturing and giving towards your relationships.
This week the energy is very harmonious and flowing, which is helping you to see the brighter side of life.
For some of you, you can see the light at the end of the tunnel.
For others of you, this energy brings about a new chapter in your life or your hard work is paying off this week
I see your money situation turning around for the better. I see financial gain at this time.
For some I see hope, so don’t give up and hang in there.
I do see good news coming your way this week, and the energy turning around for some of you for the better.
For some I see a new love relationship coming in and this time around, you are going to do things differently.
Or this can be with an on again off again relationship and treating this person better or differently this week.
I do see an addictive relationship and this person tends to make your life difficult.
For some of you this is new love coming in and this person can be an artist or online relationship.
For others of you this person can be a secretive person