Thanksgiving Mantra for the Spiritually Sophisticated

If you are like most, there is someone you cannot be with this Thanksgiving, and that makes you sad, putting a damper on your full enjoyment of the day of giving grace and thanks.

You can be spiritually sophisticated and address that issue of sadness of loss with this mantra, repeated in silence and with rhythmic breath throughout the day, until that sadness is no more! For some of you it will be the first time in years you have truly enjoyed the holidays.

Even though we are sad we cannot be with him/her/them,

I love and accept myself.

Remember, emotions are coming from your astral energy body,  but you are supposed to “emote”  the emotions your astral body is feeling,  not repress them to where they are waiting to jump on you and take you down during the holidays. Mantras are a spiritually sophisticated way of emoting gracefully.

Now it will be easier to laugh, and you will when you glance at this next image: