Ask the Spirits Protection From Natural Catastrophes

Are the Spirits of Your Property Protecting You?

Have you at least tried to get their protection?

Nagas are the serpent spirits that are the owners and protectors of the land we all dwell on. In Feng Shui they are known as Dragons. Though you and your bank or mortgage company may feel you are the proper owners of the property, it is more accurate to say you have established squatting rights.

In ancient times and even today in primitive societies, it is known that it is wise and necessary to ask the Nagas for permission to live on their land. And if the Nagas refuse, then it is known that it is best not to live there.

In my experiences with Nagas, I have found that they deny permission to use their land because it is not good for man to live there. They do not deny permission because of a whim or selfishness.

Dragons Don’t Like Expressways

In a class on Transcendental Feng Shui, I checked the Nagas of the properties of the participants. The results were interesting. It appears Nagas do not like expressways. They shy away from the energy of the expressways, leaving part of the property unprotected. I do not remember today the other things that bothered the Nagas, but I will be making it my business to know lots more about what makes them unhappy, sometimes even unhappy enough to leave, leaving the property unprotected.

Below is an email received from a client. After reading it, you also may want to know the attitude and issues of the protectors of your property: the Nagas. That information may make all the difference during the next hurricane season. Ask the Dragons on Your Land For Protection From the Hurricane!

Nov. 17, 2005

Dear Frances,

I have thought a lot about you in the last couple of days. The reason being, what you told me the time I took part in your seminar “In Harmony with Nature” right after Hurricane Katrina. During the seminar you analyzed the home of each of us there. I was the only person you told that my “Nagas” was not in my home, but outside in a near by park. You let me know there was the possibility that I could run the risk of loosing everything and end up on the street, alone and with no one to help me.

This is why I write you this letter Frances, I thought a lot before sending this out. Everything happened just as you predicted that it would. Here I find myself, in my sister’s home because, as you said, I lost everything and ended up homeless.

I go over everything, once and again, trying to understand what I need to learn from this. The apartment where I lived lost the roof and the building was declared uninhabitable, so the city of Miami Beach, the police department, and FEMA evacuated everyone. I lost my job, because the company I worked for closed down, and they are not going to pay me the money they owe me, I suppose they just don’t have it.

I tell you all of this Frances, mostly because I am still in awe, all you said came true. I could have never imagined all of this happening to me, and as you predicted after hurricane Katrina two more hurricanes came. Rita and then Wilma, with which I lost all.

I thank you for letting me know what would take place. My sister gave me a place to stay, financially speaking it was a disaster, but I know I’ll find a job and hopefully soon.

A big hug, may God bless you always.