The Dolphins Talk About Sex and the Mind

Human history would be different if mankind had understood the importance of sex, the act of sex and the lack of sex. There is never too much sex if the heart is connected during the event of sex. When the heart is connected, within the person and open to the partner, there is no sexual excess. There is no excess because there is a balance, within the heart and mind of the person and within the activities in the person’s life. There is no sexual addiction, just a proper flow of life and the incorporation of sexual activities into the person’s day.
We feel your reaction when we say “day”. We know you and others think that sex once a day is too much, but that is because people are too tired and worn out. They do not have enough energy for themselves and much less enough energy to exchange with another.
Is it true that when we have sex we connect to the other person for 12 years?
It is true, though the number 12 is not always the case. There are people that can actually live the moment and not be connected at all. But very few are able to do that. There is generally something the person is looking for in the act of sex. The human mind stretches towards the other person during the act of sex and is then inserted into a more permanent part of the person’s aura. That part has to do with the subconscious mind of the person. Often the person does not know that his/her mind is now poisoned/compromised by the mind of their partner.
Why do you say poisoned or compromised?
Because too many people have sex when they are angry or hate the partner they are with, or are afraid the partner will leave them, etc. So they are connecting to a negative part of the mind of the sex partner. And they will then receive negativity from that person. 
This is not the case if the connection is made when the heart is open. The mind has a different configuration with the heart is open and the “enganche” does not occur. But we are sad to tell you it is not often that sex is had with an open heart. 
It is important to resolve sexual issues. Too much sex is not good, too little sex is not good, but what is worse is to feel like you want sex and then not have it.
Why is that?
Because a big void is left in the mind when the mind reaches for sex, which is what it does when it “wants” sex. That void is then filled with a type of negativity that is very damaging. That is why prostitution is not bad if there is an even exchange between the prostitute and the person pays or bartering for sex.
Prostitution is not bad?
You are only thinking of the women that are drug addicts and were victims of sexual abuse. Throughout history there have been prostitutes and many of them gave and had pleasurable sex. This act of sex was an act of compassion and also an exchange that included an exchange on the physical dimension, often of money. We are not talking about the prostitution with “pimps” and drugs and violence. We are talking about the natural process of people, usually men, seeking sex with women that they are not committed to.